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Open Image In New Tab (update) Redémarrage nécessaire

Adds right-click context menu item for opening images in new tabs.

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open in background tab with long press

It opens links in the background when you hold the mouse button for a short time.

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Open In Chrome Redémarrage nécessaire

Migrates opened tabs to Google Chrome.

A single or all currently opened tabs in Firefox are opened in the Google Chrome browser. Links on pages can also be selectively opened in the other browser.

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Open in Chrome™

Open links in Google Chrome

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Open In Current Tab Redémarrage nécessaire

Adds an entry into the context menu for links that forces it to open in the current tab.

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Open in Google Docs Viewer Redémarrage nécessaire

Allows you to view supported file types (PDF, docs, xls, ppt, html etc..) in google docs viewer without downloading them to your computer.

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Open in Google™ Translate

Open Selection in Google Translate.

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Open in IE

This add-on enables you to open a link or the current page in a new Internet Explorer window. No more copying and pasting links for those sites that refuse to function correctly in Firefox!

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Open in IE™ (Internet Explorer)

Open links in Internet Explorer

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Open in Jisho & Wanikani

Adds context menu items to open selected text in Jisho.org and Wanikani.com's kanji and vocabulary page.

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Open in nbviewer

An add-on that opens the current page in nbviewer when clicked.

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Open in Private Browsing Mode

Right-click on a link to instantly open it in Private Browsing mode. (Or right-click anywhere to quickly open private browsing mode.)

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Open in Private Window Redémarrage nécessaire

Add more features and options to Firefox Private Window.

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Open in Reader View

Easily access to the reader-view from right click context menu

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Open In RegEdit Redémarrage nécessaire

opens registry keys directly from the webpage using regedit32!

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Open in Volunia Redémarrage nécessaire

Open in Volunia

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Open in Wayback Machine

A button and context menu item to open URL in the Wayback Machine, service to view previous versions of websites from archive.org.

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Lets one highlight text or a link containing an ISBN and visit the ISBN at Amazon.com.

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Open IT Online Redémarrage nécessaire

Open IT Online allows you to open documents and images online without the need of any software to be installed. It supports Google Docs, Zoho, View Docs Online, Vuzit to edit/view documents and Snipshot, Pixlr, Sumo Paint, etc. to edit/view images.

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Open Link

This tiny add-on for Fennec simply adds a "Open Link" context menu item to the menu that appears when you press and hold for a moment on a link. This is a built-in feature on mobile Safari and Android's default browser.

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