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The subscriberinfo extension allows testing of mobile sites that use the "subscriberinfo" URI scheme with Firefox...

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Subtile is a highly customizable extension to allow people without mozilla development knowledge to create their own (sub)extension, limited to a menu attached to a toolbar button.

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Subtitle Matcher

+Download a perfecta matched subtitles for movies using movie fingerprints(hash).
+Find movie in IMDb using hash (you only must browse movie file)
+Find movie in IMDb using movie name (remove tags)

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Subtitles Search Toolbar - SToolbar

Subtitles Search Toolbar is a simple tool which search for subtitles, torrents and translate with google

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Subtitles Timeline

Subtitles Timeline allows viewing movie subtitles in a context: not only one line is shown, but several previous and future lines are visible next to video frame. That can be useful for studying foreign languages. Requires (free) VLC Mozilla plugin.

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SubToMe - Universaler Folgen-Button Pas de redémarrage

SubToMe macht es einfach für Menschen, Webseiten zu folgen, weil Browser dies nicht tun.

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Suchfeld leeren

Zusatzbutton, der das Suchmaschienenfeld leert.

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Süddeutsche.de Pas de redémarrage

Dieses Feature liefert Ihnen einen kompletten Blick auf das aktuelle Zeitgeschehen. Lückenlose Recherche, detaillierte Berichte und fundierte Meinungen in bester SZ-Qualität.

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This extension lets you generate random SUDOKUs and play them. It also detects SUDOKU and let you play puzzles from various web-pages in a single user interface.

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Sudoku Helper

Help you to solve the Sudoku puzzles in the www.websudoku.com...

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Sudoku, Puzzles, Crosswords, Games and More Pas de redémarrage

Enjoy the followings games
Brain Training,
Word Puzzles,
Picture Puzzles,
Angry Birds

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Sugarland - Official Theme and Extension

Created by http://BrandThunder.com where you can Build Your Own Browser Theme, the OFFICIAL theme and extension for Universal Music's Sugarland

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Sugarland Holiday Theme with Personas Interactive

Created by http://BrandThunder.com where you can Build Your Own Browser Theme, the Sugarland Christmas browser theme is filled with fun and surprises. You'll enjoy quick access to the Sugarland site and links to the band's Facebook and MySpace pages

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Sugestron Speed Dial

Provides quick access to the websites you visit most frequently.
Similar to Google Chrome's speed dial functionality.

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Suggest Me

Don't Repeat Yourself (DRY) when you type same words, sentences or paragraphs again on Facebook, Way2sms and other such websites; just get them as suggestions in a neat dropdown, below the box you are typing! Typed on one website works on many !!!

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Suggest Search Box Pas de redémarrage

Suggest Search Box is a browser addon that helps you search keywords easily.

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Shows search suggestions for all search engines.

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Suggy Addon

Suggy identifies your interests, suggests new webpages and connects you with new people. Find out what you are interested in on the Web, discover new websites and people matching your interests, discuss & share your interests on the Web.

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Sum it Up

Sums up all the numeric values found in a HTML table column.

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Summarizes text with Summary Service on Mac OS X.

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