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* New Version supports Videos! Grab Anything!!

OblinQ is for the word-of-mouth personal recommendations we all have.
It lets you easily create your own shoppe or stores to show case things you like to recommend such as in Home decor, latest fashion,...

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ObPwd (Object-based Password) - Password generator

Generate strong text passwords from your photos, audio/video files, and documents.

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Obrázky do furry.cz Pas de redémarrage

Plugin pro usnadnění vkládání obrázků do furry.cz. (Useful only for users of furry.cz website)

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Obtenir la taille du fichier

Retourne la taille d'un fichier distant

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Obtrusive JavaScript Checker

Finds HTML elements with inline events and javascript: links

(Is now Inline Code Finder, an updated version with more options:

For Firebug:

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Ocawa Toolbar

Audit d'accessibilité pour votre site Internet en utilisant le validateur d'accessibilité Ocawa.

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ocDownloader Pas de redémarrage

ocDownloader Firefox addon allows you to interact with ocDownloader (ownCloud) by adding a simple new entry in the mouse context menu

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OCPL Tracker

Tracks items borrowed from the Orange County Public Library (ocpl.org). Shows status bar icon and text indicating how soon your first item is due. Tooltip shows number of items on loan, on hold, and availability for pickup.

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OCR Web Pas de redémarrage

Optical Character Recognition in JS for Firefox based on ocrad.js

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OctoAudit Pas de redémarrage

OctoAudit is a browser extension that allows you to add TODO checklist items from a GitHub issue/pull request's comments into its summary.

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OctoLinker Pas de redémarrage

The OctoLinker extension is pretty handy for reading code on GitHub. It makes e.g. require and import statements clickable.

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Octopatcher Pas de redémarrage

Arrgh Some Patchy Goodness to GitHub

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Octotree Pas de redémarrage

Add-on to display GitHub code in tree format

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Oculta Troll publico.es Pas de redémarrage

Oculta trolls en los comentarios de publico.es.

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Odds Anywhere

Odds Anywhere lets you view horse racing odds, in-line, on any web page. Best price, or just from your favourite bookmaker. The choice is yours.

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Oddset Julefrid Pas de redémarrage

Oddset Julefrid är en browser-plugin som låter dig kolla hockey i lugn och ro när familjen vill annat.

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Oddshot Pas de redémarrage

Firefox extension for Oddshot

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oDesk Job Watcher

A status bar add-on that updates every 5 minutes with the latest posted oDesk job opening. You can choose from hourly rate or fixed bid jobs.

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Viewer for OpenDocument files...

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ODir Pas de redémarrage

Finde ähnliche Webseiten

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