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All Prices Pas de redémarrage

All Prices is a Firefox extension to easily display all price and style options for products on Amazon.com.

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ESL Fast Controller Pas de redémarrage

ESL Fast Controller

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eksi+ Pas de redémarrage

Çeşitli tasarım değişiklikleriyle Ekşisözlük kullanimini kolaylaştıran, keza eski özellikleri geri getiren bir tasarım güncelleştirme kiti.

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Salesforce Dashboard Auto Refresh Pas de redémarrage

Refresh the Salesforce Dashboards Automatically at Specific Intervals

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Profoundstudio-Screen-sharing Pas de redémarrage

This Extension share your screen

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JSON Diff View Pas de redémarrage

Easily compare JSON objects. Highlight the differences using colours in a tree structure representing the diff.

Source code can be found at https://github.com/rafspiny/jsondiff/

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Nearby New Tab Pas de redémarrage

Provides functionality to open a new tab next to the currently open one.

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Spotify => Desktop Pas de redémarrage

An addon to open spotify links in the desktop app instead of in the web player.

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Play video on Dreambox Pas de redémarrage

Plays videos on the Dreambox satellite receiver. Open a video webpage like youtube and press the dreambox play button - the video starts to play on your TV.

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Nepali Text-To-Speech Pas de redémarrage

Nepali Text-to-speech application for reading Nepali unicode text using the firefox.

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ChillGlobal Pas de redémarrage

#1 unblocking add-on for Business travellers & Expats:

- Watch TV, Movies & Sports Channels from any country
- Shop on any website regardless of your location
- Fast & Easy to use
- Peace of mind: We don't track or log any data

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GMail Reply Auto Pop-out Pas de redémarrage

Automatically pops-out the Reply area in GMail.

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LookItUp Pas de redémarrage

Look It Up is an extension for Firefox designed to help you search on the web faster.
Simply, select text you want to search, right-click and Look It Up

It enables you to search on:
- Youtube
- Google Maps
- Translate
- Wikipedia

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Paste and Go Key Pas de redémarrage

Adds a changeable keyboard shortcut that pastes the clipboard into the URL bar of the current tab or a new tab and loads it/searches for it. Includes an optional toolbar button.

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YouTube™ Anywhere Pas de redémarrage

YouTube™ Anywhere provides access to a floating YouTube Window on any page, plus, you can drag the window to any position!

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GitHub Hovercard Pas de redémarrage

GitHub Hovercard provide quick information of users and repos without jumping back and forth around several pages.

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Goldfishka Pas de redémarrage

С помощью плагина Goldfishka вы гарантированно сможете посещать сайты группы Голдфишка из любой точки планеты.

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Netaccess Plus Pas de redémarrage

A one-click Netaccess authenticator for IIT Madras students.


- Live usage indicator badge
- Supports multiple usernames and account auto-switching
- Detects when you're offline or using proxy.

(Also works on Firefox for Android)

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Cambanete Pas de redémarrage

Transforme todas as imagens de uma página em Rabanetes, em homenagem a nossa querida Fabiana Camba.

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pc2respect Pas de redémarrage

A Firefox implementation of Byron Clark's pc2respect plugin. Based on a quote from Neil Gaiman, it changes the text 'political correctness' to 'treating people with respect' on webpages, making the web a slightly better place.

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