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Drag Tab as Shortcut

Позволяет перетаскивать вкладку как ярлык вместо создания нового окна (по умолчанию).

Таким образом можно сохранять ссылки в файловой системе.

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the first version of IP Monkey for Firefox

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Stack Manager

Keyboard shortcuts, lists and more!

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MozillaZine Tabindex Fixer

Fixes tabindex values for submit buttons on MozillaZine so they suck less.

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ASP.NET Viewstate Viewer

Displays the viewstate of the current ASP.NET page

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Tinapols Link Finder

This addon gives you the benefit of getting all relevant information of anchor tags in a website that matches a link location keyword of choice (url, domain, or just part of the url).

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ImageShack Fix 0.2

Corrigir links diretos do imageshack que necessita de login para ser vistos.

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Right click a link to a file to upload that file to Dropdo.com to be viewable on the web.

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Webroot Short URL Expander

Hover your mouse pointer over short URLs to see where they lead, and find out if the destination is trustworthy.

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Open Google Calendar with toolbar button

This Firefox addon adds a Calendar button to the top toolbar. This Calendar button opens Google Calendar in new tab.

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Open Google Contacts with toolbar button

This Firefox addon adds a Google Contacts button to the top toolbar. This Google Contacts button opens Google Contacts in new tab.

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arpitgupta31 (1) Pas de redémarrage

language converter

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Keyword Bookmarks Pas de redémarrage

Keyword Bookmarks in Context Menu.

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Cerca i centri benessere dove come e quando vuoi grazie a questa estensione

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从JSFL的在线帮助文档( http://help.adobe.com/zh_CN/flash/cs/extend/index.html )中提取出内容,并转化成AS3类文件。

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SlyFox is a browser tab privacy utility. Use it to cover private content in your tabs and hide your stuff.

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DebridFF Pas de redémarrage

FREE download premium Rapidshare, Megaupload, Fileserve, Filesonic & many others via DebridMax.
If you like this extension, plz donate to http://is.gd/BVbVu2
Tutorial: http://is.gd/kM4ryY

If you have Google Chrome instead, visit http://is.gd/PiqaNt

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GuifiProxy Infocentre Santa Bàrbara

Facilitates the use of proxies allows switching between them with two clicks, import i export lists, edit, add and delete manually, automatic authentication and exception address

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History Rewrite

John Heffron's History Rewrite -- A life-saving browser Add-on!
With a quick "Alt+Y" all your tabs are closed, history cleared and then re-written with new sites! No more fumbling for the mouse when someone walks in!

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