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Just Hangouts

Delivers a clean Google Hangouts experience in Firefox.

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This is a very basic extension, it watches for zero width characters in request URL and it simply blocks requests

source: https://github.com/JigarJoshi/url-watcher

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Pyur Firefox

Pyur Firefox sends all of the requests to the Pyur server. The user can then use the Pyur mobile app to view request history.

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Trespond Screensharing

Extension for screensharing in Trespond.

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JIRA Project Colors

Script allows you to color Issues by status in JIRA v7.0

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Bagf Contact

The official Bagf Contact Firefox extension!

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Page Navigation Buttons

Adds a few buttons to help with page navigation, including Page Top, Page Bottom, Page Down and Page Up.

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Livarava addon

Cet élargissement permet facilement d'ajouter l'information à LivaRava avec l'aide du bouton droit de la souris (le menu contextuel).

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Price Comparison made easy, directly in Firefox - Get alerts if other stores offer better prices for the products you're viewing.

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select numbers and goto websites

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Test Screenshot Tool Redémarrage nécessaire

One click screenshots.

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About:about Button

A button that lists all the about pages that exist. Some of these pages are also provided as separate buttons.

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Demo App Screenshare Addon

Screensharing addon for demo website.

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CloudKibo Screen Capturing in Firefox

CloudKibo Firefox extension to enable screen capturing

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Zawgyi-One fonts package

-Zawgyi-One script fallback fonts for Firefox (Android edition)
Addon installs Zawgyi-One font (Zawgyi-One.ttf under SIL OFL 1.1 license) that enables proper rendering of
Zawgyi-One script on all sites (Facebook, Twitter, Google, etc.),

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Startlap: menü Redémarrage nécessaire

A startlap menü a magyar internet oldalak tematikus gyűjteménye menüstruktúrában!

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Find Buttons

Adds buttons to open and manage the find bar.

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Hitsteps Analytics Redémarrage nécessaire

Hitsteps Analytics is a powerful real time website visitor manager, it allow you to view and interact with your visitors in real time.

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