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汇合网采图 Requires Restart

汇合帮你收集、发现网络上有趣的动物图片。 极易上手,玩味无限。

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bShare Requires Restart


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TestingAddON Requires Restart

test of my addon

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Social Networking Links Requires Restart

Using the Social Networking Links Ad-don you will be able to access famous social networking sites login page from your browser menu

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mark'O'rail - Facebook Admin Requires Restart

mark'O'rail scheint als Seitenleiste auf und erleichtert Facebook Seitenbetreibern und Entwicklern den Zugriff auf wichtige Facebook Links.
Zusätzlich besteht die Möglichkeit, sich die Liste der verwalteten Fanseiten anzeigen zu lassen.

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Wallpaper Requires Restart

Wallpaper FireFox Extension

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Fluid twitter layout Requires Restart

Update the the twitter layout with a fluid one by adding a stylesheet.
The layout will be 90% of the screen width, the left column 34% and the right one 65%.
Or you can use this stylish theme : http://userstyles.org/styles/94421/twitter-full-width

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Nos El-Kobaya Requires Restart

Nos El Kobaya is an online Radio that inspires students

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InterSpy.Net WebSite Information Requires Restart

Displays an icon on Firefox's status bar, in right-click drop down menu and also on Customize Toolbar; On click it will load a report page for the currently visible website. Powered by http://interspy.net

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LaunchPad allows users to quickly organize and access their favorite websites.

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MedWOW.com - Medical Equipment Search Bar Requires Restart

By adding a custom search bar to your Firefox browser this add-on will enable the user to speedily search MedWOW.com website (www.medwow.com) by using their internal search engine.

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NoSpell Requires Restart

Toggle the Spell Checker

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Proxy 1-Click Requires Restart

Surf with a web proxy in one click.

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Toggle Paint Flashing Requires Restart

Enables/Disables Layout Paint Flashing for Firefox. This property is useful for diagnosing invalidation issues. Paint Flashing enabled by the "P" button in the lower-right corner.

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Liferay Dev Assistant Requires Restart

A firefox plugin to assist a liferay ui designer.

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Kapi-Ducky Requires Restart

Pour amasser les coins coins sur kapilands.fr
Cette extension apporte des aides pour le jeu de simulation économique kapilands (signature automatique pour la messagerie du jeu, calcul automatique des quantité pour une durée de production donnée)

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G! SafeSearch Off Requires Restart

Disables safe search on encrypted.google.com, google image search and google video search. GNU GPL. Use / share at your own risk. Origianal Author: Samuel Gómez at https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/safesearch-off/

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rDiablo Theme Selector

This mod allows users of /r/Diablo to seamlessly select which theme is displayed. It does not require you to load dd.reddit.com/r/diablo to browse in the Heaven theme.

This is the Firefox port of my Chrome extension.

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Opandia - add on for Google Requires Restart

Opandia.com - The new add on for Google powered by Masterseek.
Better search. More experience.

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BusinessViewer Requires Restart

Businessviewer.com gives power to search and explore business information, contacts and social relationships without ever leaving the web page.

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