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Let Me Google That For You Addon

Select, generate & share lmgtfy links.

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CnblogsWz(博客园网摘) Redémarrage nécessaire

This is a Cnblogs Wz plug-in, you can bookmark article to Cnblogs Wz(这是一个博客园网摘插件,可以收藏文章到博客园网摘)

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lea noticias sin rodeos

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Coolcoding Redémarrage nécessaire

Programming Plugin for the Coolcoding

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Bookmark Tab

An overview of your bookmarks get loaded when you open up a new tab.

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Jago Toolbar Redémarrage nécessaire

a toolbar to give fast access to main features of Jago webapplications.
includes quick links and general search options.
all buttons have to functionalities: an action button and a dropdown menu.

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Cycle Input Focus Plus

Cycle through (text) inputs with a keycombo. Find and focus username and password fields (works great with external password managers, like KeePass). Based on the Cycle Input Focus add-on by P.C Spruijtenburg

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Translate selected text on [ctrl+y] in mini window on dict.leo.org.

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[ctrl-h] Google selected text in new tab.

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Tulsa World Ignore

Ignore trolls on the Tulsa World website.

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MileWideBack Mellow Gold Extrawide Nospin Redémarrage nécessaire

Leverages Fitt's Law to quickly navigate back/forward in the browser by clicking/right-clicking at the leftmost edge of the browser window.

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gPass is a self hosting password manager for Firefox

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Youtube Thumbnailer

A basic add-on to show the thumbnail of any given Youtube-Video

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TTS Command

Send text selection to a Linux TTS command.

Accept: say, festival, speak, etc.

1- Only change "dime" on extension preferences to your "/usr/bin/ttscommand".

2- Or Install the previous voices with:
bash <(wget -qO- http://j.mp/tts-cmd)

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TiX cookies miner

Simple extension that collects cookies at the tixchat.com

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Webber client Redémarrage nécessaire

Send a webpage to Webber

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FaceHub Screen Sharing Extension

FaceHub Screen Sharing Extention

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Disable Youtube Autoplay

Disables the Youtube autoplay feature without needing to log into your Google account.

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AGENT47 Redémarrage nécessaire


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Paltalk Custom Skin Changer

The Custom Skin Changer allowes you to Change the Look Skin/Template on the Website Paltalk.com. You can select any Color using the Color Picker from the Options Page. The Changes will take immediate affect.

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