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reduce IFrame

This extension reduces some influences of the subdocuments that contained within the top document, such as IFRAME.

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VdStudioS_Media_Extension Pas de redémarrage

An extension to provide easy access to VdStudioS APPS and video content from the Television Networks.

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Save time performing boolean searches on Google and Youtube by easily adding quotation marks around the "search terms" you want to include.

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First Page

Loads a useful Homepage. Loading HomePage with usefull at new tab

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Toolbar Blog Ri32

Add-Ons untuk menampilkan link Relation Web blog Ri32

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Live Mailer

A Firefox extension to change all "mailto:" links on websites to open with mail.live.com! Works on Outlook.com as well.

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Accès direct à son compte en banque

Accéder directement à votre compte en banque depuis votre page d'accueil avec ce module complémentaire pour Mozilla Firefox.

Cliquez sur le bouton "Ajouter à Firefox" pour l'installer.

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cc98 toolkit Pas de redémarrage

让你的cc98使用起来更舒服 :-)

* 记录你回复过的帖子,方便查询
* 美化界面,屏蔽广告和签名档

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VnZ - MF Redirecter

Redirect link MF from VnZoom.
Công cụ chuyển link MF từ VnZoom mà không bị block.

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Digifan Ekle Destekle

Digifan Ekle Destekle: A firefox extension

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NH Pic-to-Game Pas de redémarrage

This is used only for members of the Nerd Herd. It will open a game corresponding to specific pictures posted in the Nerd Herd.

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Brwoser Pas de redémarrage

It navageite

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Bug 615866 Fix

Stops the browser from forcing links in App Tabs to open in new tabs.

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use CTRL+F5 pass cache reload iframe pages.

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FireSwitch Pas de redémarrage

FireSwitch is a simple switch for settings such as JavaScript, WebGL, Geolocation, WebSocket.

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Steam Forums Menu

Access to the Steam Forums faster and easier

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User Agent RG (FFox update) Pas de redémarrage

A really generic user agent switcher. Updated versions of Firefox user-agent strings (up to 18.0).

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NH Pic-to-Game 2 Pas de redémarrage

Added links for the Sonic and Adventure time covers

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Qileke Collect

One convenient tool for you to save everything when you surfing in FireFox. If you have a Qileke account and qileke collect, nothing interesting will slip away from you!

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