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Nangil On Page Website Analyzer Redémarrage nécessaire

An exclusive tool of Nangil.com for best examining a Websites Onpage factors and SEO parameters in just seconds

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Unsterbliicher - AlerteLive

Soyez au courant quand votre streameur préféré commence à streamer!

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Расширение для браузера, которое удаляет рекламу, ненужный и неинтересный контент по ключевым словам.

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Flashes the taskbar icon/window button upon activity in a pinned tab.

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This add-on allows you to add items directly to your giftry from anywhere on the web.

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Count added/removed lines of code on bitbucket.com

Count how many lines of code were added/removed in the commit or pull request on bitbucket.com.
Example: https://bitbucket.org/VitaliyCherniyenko/geekhublessons/commits/dc3d870b6e8adec72fbb50fb976fb1897fdcd6ee

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Partage Ecran Wakiris Redémarrage nécessaire

Extension de partage d'écran pour Wakiris.com

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Рейтинги для FS.TO(ex. FS.UA) та EX.UA

Показує рейтинги фільмів та серіалів на FS.TO (ex FS.UA) та EX.UA. Дозволяе на місці голосувати за обома системами.

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Youtube Downloader Gold

This extension to download audio and video from popular video hosting YouTube. To download the available formats mp4, webm, mp4a, mp3.

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Millennials to Snake People

Replaces the text 'Millennial' with 'Snake People'.

Learn the sad, sinister truth behind the mysterious Snake People. Who are they? What do they want?

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I-Shop From ICICI Bank. Save every time you spend! Redémarrage nécessaire

‘I-Shop’ automatically pulls out price information for a particular product from several e-commerce sites when you shop online. The add-on also fetches available discount coupons across various e-commerce sites to help you add to your savings.

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Screensharing Extension for Aura Alliance Meeting

This extension enables screensharing in Aura Alliance Meeting

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Pearson MyITLabs Bulk Download

A basic add-on to make bulk download of all student files form Prearson MyITLabs website easier.

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SurfKeys Redémarrage nécessaire

Comfortable surfing with a keyboard. This extension provides some functions that you can use to make your browsing with a keyboard more comfortable. Next/prev page (e.g. in Google search results), smooth scrolling, etc.

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BeXShort Toolbar - bsx.li Redémarrage nécessaire

Kürzen Sie ihre URL!
Schnell, Einfach, Kostenlos, Sicher !

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URL Suffixer

One click suffix any url !

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Chase Image Downloader

Automates the process of downloading all check images from a Chase account activity page

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Rocket.Chat Screen Share

Enable screen sharing for Rocket.Chat

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Amazon Products Cheaper

With this App you will get Amazon Products more than 20% Cheaper. All you have to do is click the button

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Celtic Tuning Vehicle Stats

Celtic Tuning Vehicle Stats analyzes the page you are viewing and shows matching vehicle's stats - conveniently and inobtrusively.

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