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Toggle Document Colors Pas de redémarrage

A simple toolbar button to quickly toggle document colors

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open in background tab with long press Pas de redémarrage

It opens links in the background when you hold the mouse button for a short time.

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Solfyre-ID Pas de redémarrage

Solfyre-ID for Firefox provides QR based login functionality for all websites. It should be used in conjunction with the SID mobile application which is available in the Apple App Store.

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Search On Pas de redémarrage

Search with any installed search engine from the context menu.

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TeddyID Password Manager Pas de redémarrage

Log in to sites by selecting your username/email from the list and approving login on your phone. Easy but secure.

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Fitt, a discovery app for clothes lovers.
Easily share, spot, and get advice from your friends.

Firefox extension to share your favorite products with your friends.
It's fun and easy.

Welcome to the community !

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Launchpad Helper Pas de redémarrage

Useful Launchpad functionality in your browser.

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Librus Średnia Ważona Pas de redémarrage

Wtyczka ta umożliwia wyświetlanie średniej ocen w dzienniku LIBRUS gdy jest ona zablokowana przez administracje.

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Netlux Adblocker Pas de redémarrage

Block unwanted ads.

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youzik Pas de redémarrage

Add a button to any Youtube video web page allowing users to download it's audio content as mp3 file using www.youzik.com

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Woopages Pas de redémarrage

Woopages Extension for Firefox - comment everything you like or dislike everywhere

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Videoflix Pas de redémarrage

Enhancing reddit videos

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CheckiO Pas de redémarrage

CheckiO is the game for coders http://www.checkio.org/

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Like I Give A Fuck Pas de redémarrage

This browser extension changes every occurrence of "Like" to "Give a Fuck" on Facebook

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Nudge Kick for Firefox (Beta) Pas de redémarrage

Nudge Kick works with FitBit and blocks URLs until you meet a fitness goal for the day.

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Cas24Play ban evasion Pas de redémarrage

Le plugin Cas24play est un accès stable au site

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WebCensor - Profanity Filter Pas de redémarrage

Blocks the swear words, bad, strong, foul language, swearing, cursing, etc. Make browsing safer and Internet cleaner!

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Papers Online Reading List Pas de redémarrage

Save items to your Papers Online reading list.

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Suicide Girls Downloader Pas de redémarrage

Download photo sets from suicide girls with one click.

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Testability ids! Pas de redémarrage

Adds to all html elements from DOM tree data-testabilityid attribute with unique value based on element path in document DOM tree.

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