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Listening to your twitter feed and submitting all the links to your delicious account

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This add-on shows the Chinese Yuan to New Zealand Dollar exchange rate published by the bank of China on the status bar.

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Bee5.de Firefox-Toolbar

Bee5 Firefox Toolbar zur automatischen Erkennung von Partnerseiten bei denen man Geld sparen und/oder verdienen kann.

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OpinionCloud (for YouTube & Flickr)

The OpinionCloud summarizes comments on YouTube videos and Flickr photos in order to get an overview about the crowd's overall opinion.

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compares prices from romanian online stores

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Browser Border

Place a border around the browser chrome depending upon your development environment.

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OSM Links

Diese Extension fügt dem Kontextmenu Einträge hinzu, mit denen sich Links oder Texte mit Koordinaten direkt an die OSM Links Website schicken lassen. Das ermöglicht es zwischen vielen OpenStreetMap-Maps um einiges schneller hin- und herzuwechseln.

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xiami minifm

在firefox 侧栏收听虾米音乐网的迷你fm电台

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Post to Identi.ca from your address bar

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WebReview enhances the abilities to re-find already visited websites and visualizes every single browsing session based on your local Firefox history. Furthermore it proposes you regularly visited sites just in the right time.

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PatentlyUseful(tm) For the USPTO

Provides helpful links for Issued Patents and Patent Applications at the United States Patent Office ( USPTO ). Additional information available at PatentlyUseful.com or by email at support@patentlyuseful.com

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bug447571 (Expand bookmarks toolbar)

Workaround Bug 447571 and Bug 449736 for Firefox 3.0.x and 3.5.x
Workaround Bug 542848 and Bug 544227 for Firefox 3.6.x

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Lets you add/rewrite User-Agent, Referer and Accept-Language headers on a per domain basis.

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Baidu Tieba Harmonizer

A simple tool designed to circumvent Baidu Tieba's censorship.

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SPTF - Send Page to Facebook

Publier un lien sur votre profil Facebook par un simple clic dans la barre d'adresse

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No Mouse

This extension is designed to act as a simple no-frills add-on. Browsing experience is noticeably enhanced for those who prefer to keep their hands on the keyboard instead of the ubiquituous mice!

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Nepali (नेपाली) Input Extension

An easy-to-use extension to Input Nepali (नेपाली) Unicode Characters. Just press Ctrl+Alt+Space and then type in नेपाली ।

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Open Secure

Adds the ability to open a non-secure URL by applying the secure https protocol.

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Quickfire Pas de redémarrage

Launch External Applications from the URL Bar.

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eBayBuddy UK (United Kingdom ebay.co.uk)

Easy access to eBay UK and related tools via the right-click context menu and/or the toolbar button menu. To search without typing anything, simply highlight Text on a page and double click eBay Buddy.

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