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Show Selected Images

Allows Firefox to reload multiple images that failed to be displayed.

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Yandex Mail Watcher

Vérificateur Yandex Mail sécurisé.

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Danbooru Downloader

One-click or automatic download of Booru style images.

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Image Block En vedette

Image Block adds a toggle button that conditionally blocks/allows loading of images on webpages. Blocking images results in faster browsing, especially helpful on handheld devices or slower connections like GSM/GPRS/EDGE dial-up etc.

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Offline QR generator Pas de redémarrage

a basic add-on to generate QR code on html5 canvas

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Pray Times!

Display daily Muslim prayer times.

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PictuTools Pas de redémarrage

Quick and easy access to online image manipulation tools.

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Disable clipboard manipulations Pas de redémarrage

This extension prevents websites from interfering with your copy and paste actions.

Note: The same functionality is now built into Firefox, you can just change the dom.event.clipboardevents.enabled preference manually.

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Show IME status by input/textarea/textbox background color.

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Facebook Select All

Too lazy to select all your friends on Facebook to send an invite? Now you can do that with just one click with Facebook Select All!
Just scroll down till the end in the list and then click on the add-on button on the add-on bar in the bottom.

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Manage popular downloaders (Windows, Linux, Mac) and support special links of thunder,flashget,qqdl,ed2k,magnet,fs2you.

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DoubleClick Save Picture


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検索アシストバー by JWord


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Favorites (Selenium IDE)

A plugin for Selenium-IDE to have favorite test suites and open and execute the test suites with a single click

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URL Tooltip

Display URL in hyperlink tooltips.

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Website Informer Addon

Website Informer browser addon is a special tool to view essential statistics for any website during web surfing.

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enhanced findbar


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Gif Block

Allows user to block gif images on a web page.

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FoxVox will speak any text you highlight in a web page. FoxVox can also create audiobooks in mp3, ogg, and wav formats. You can now easily turn your blogs and articles into podcasts.

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