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Twitter Media Preview

Add media previews to the Twitter web interface for Imgur.com, Daft.ie, Adverts.ie and XKCD.com

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SignatureCheck.org Certificate Thumbprint Validator

Validates certificates against thumbprints retrieved from SignatureCheck.org.
Warns user when differences are detected.

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Charger votre flux API Starshine dans Eye On Starshine

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RBS Change Manager

Module d'accès à l'interface d'administration d'un site réalisé avec RBS Change.

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Digraph support for Firefox (as known from Vim)

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Pixnet Image Uploader


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LeftSideStar Pas de redémarrage

Moves the bookmark star to the left of the urlbar.

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Bookmark's 404

Bookmark's 404 permet de trouver les erreurs 404 générées sur les adresses des marque-pages.

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Firefox plugin to make more accessible to Blind Users. The AccessibleNews is built upon the technology to smartly understand the page layout and help blind users to access the content more quickly.

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Random Video Chat

6point7 is a safe and fun social video chat room for Facebook users. when you enter the chat room, you will meet a random user and you can interact using a webcam, a microphone and text chat. "Add as Friend" if you like the new friend .

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Gmail Notes Sidebar

Gmail Notes is note system for Gmail. It allows you to attach a private note to each conversation in your Gmail account. See http://www.gmailnotes.com for more info.

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Kroniki Fallathanu Informer

Dzięki temu dodatkowi na pasku dodatków pojawi się informacja o otrzymanej poczcie w grze przez przeglądarkę Kroniki Fallathanu (http://www.kf2.pl). W opcjach dodatku należy podać swój ID w grze i gotowe.

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Restartless App Button Quit Pas de redémarrage

Double-click the app button to quickly quit Firefox!

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A simple and direct plugin to eliminate redundant information from web pages. Extinctor can hide redundant information from the document and/or remove those elements from the DOM tree.

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Easy Bookmark

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RTSE Lite Pas de redémarrage

Adds features and improves the experience on the Rooster Teeth family of websites.

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Godville UI неподдерживаемый не устанавливайте

Блокирует страницы героя на godville.net и godvillegame.com

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My Wish List

Saving and sharing items you want to buy or receive as gifts has never been easier - add items to your Facebook Wish List with one click. Check out the Facebook app at:

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People Lookup

Quickly look people up by highlighting their full name on a page and then right-clicking to search for them across Google, LinkedIn, Wikipedia, Facebook, and more

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Automaticly load a list of homepages in sequential order. Useful to test increase in page load times caused by other installed addons.

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