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Emoji Cheatsheet

A reference for the codes to generate Emojis on popular sites like GitHub or Basecamp and Unicode characters for Twitter and Facebook.
Search Emojis by name or view recently selected items. Emojis are automatically copied to the clipboard.

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FireMath Requires Restart

FireMath is an equation editor based on MathML, the mathematical markup language.

Find examples, FAQ, installation instructions and a discussion board at

Speed up scientific scripting! Improve your science!

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Yamli Clavier Arabe Intelligent Requires Restart

Écris en Arabe sur n'importe quel site sure le Web avec le Clavier Arabe Intelligent de Yamli. Tu peux aussi utiliser le moteur de recherche optimisé pour l'Arabe de Yamli depuis Firefox.

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Browser Safer New Tab

BrowserSafer serves as a necessary component and safeguard too many of your computer’s functions. Check out these simple tips to make your security impenetrable.

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Random Agent Spoofer

Rotates complete browser profiles ( from real browsers / devices ) at a user defined time interval. It includes many extra privacy enhancing options

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TextMarker Go Requires Restart

Allows to highlight the selected text.
1) three customizable colors for highlight
2) highlight functions as bookmarks
3) hotkeys for highlight selected text, remove highlights, and jump to highlighted text.

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Facebook AdBlock

Looking for adblock for Facebook AdBlock? Facebook AdBlock - blocking ads in one click!

You still don’t believe that ads blocking works? So try Facebook AdBlock right now!

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Creates a text-only version of almost any web page. Great for accessibility, SEO and printing.

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InlineDisposition 2

InlineDisposition 2 changes the disposition of Content-Disposition response headers from attachment to inline.

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С помощью нашего расширения, Вы сможете не упустить приятный возврат средств до 50% за покупки в интернет. Вам не нужно будет переходить на сайт и смотреть есть в этом магазине кэшбэк или нет, расширение напомнит и расскажет в доступном формате.

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FoxVox Requires Restart

FoxVox will speak any text you highlight in a web page. FoxVox can also create audiobooks in mp3, ogg, and wav formats. You can now easily turn your blogs and articles into podcasts.

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Copy Pure Text Requires Restart

Allows to copy selected text as plain text by adding a 'Copy as Text' menu item to context menu.

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Offers Olymp

OffersOlymp ist ein kostenloses Browser-Addon, das dir aktulle Rabatte, Gutscheine und Aktionen deiner Lieblings-Online-Shops direkt im Browser anzeigt.

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Расширение позволяет зарабатывать небольшие деньги за просмотр рекламы. Вывод денег на Qiwi, Webmoney, Яндекс.Деньги и Perfect Money.

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External Application Buttons 2 Requires Restart

Extension "légère" pour créer des boutons de barre d'outils lançant des applications externes.

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Finally a browser feature for Shopaholics. This will save you money everyday on all your online shopping. Just click and get this feature and shop the way you do. Enjoy Saving !!!

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Parental Control: Porn Blocker

Parental control app that denies access to porn sites. It uses a semantic parser that scans and blocks all kind of adult content.

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Show Selected Images Requires Restart

Allows Firefox to reload multiple images that failed to be displayed.

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Firefox Guide Study 1

Firefox Guide recommends Firefox features that are likely to benefit you. This experimental add-on is part of a Mozilla study to improve Firefox user experience.

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Dorando keyconfig Requires Restart

A modified Dorando's tool to rebind keys in Mozilla apps. It is designed to be a drop-in replacement, and will keep your old settings. (See details for upgrade instructions.)

As of version 2016.2, Custom keys (using custom JavaScript) works again!

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