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Disable Ads Pas de redémarrage

Disable Ads add on will help you remove ads in video player. Current it working with fptplay.net ads. In the future, it will support more site!

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Facebook Flash Video Player Pas de redémarrage

Facebook Flash Video Player is a powerful tool that will let you choose Flash video player as default Facebook video player.

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Tails Download and Verify Pas de redémarrage

A browser extension to download and verify Tails ISO images.

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Firefox Hello Beta Pas de redémarrage

The latest beta test version of Firefox Hello

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Simulate the use of a series of proxy changing at each new connection.

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partout où YouTube téléchargeur Pas de redémarrage

ajouter un bouton télécharger de vidéo youtube pages.ajouter un bouton télécharger à droite cliquez sur le menu.multi - formats (mp4 flv 3gp).

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Proxy Switcher Pas de redémarrage En vedette

Access to the complete Firefox's proxy settings right from a toolbar panel

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PAYBACK Internet Assistent (PIA) Pas de redémarrage

Der Booster fürs Punktekonto!
In Zukunft wird das Online punkten mit PIA noch einfacher: Der Punktesammel-Alarm erinnert Sie an das Online punkten und top-aktuelle Aktionen unserer Online Shops. Jetzt PIA installieren und das Punktekonto boosten!

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AntiGameOrigin v6 Pas de redémarrage

AntiGameOrigin - the other OGame experience for all communities.

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Tab Groups Pas de redémarrage

Tab Groups are an easy way to organize a lot of tabs. You can visually group related tabs, switch between groups, and quickly search through all of your tabs to switch to a specific one.

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Cashback Notifier - TopCashback.co.uk Pas de redémarrage

Alerts you to cashback savings when visiting retailers online or searching for retailers, such as on Google

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Доступ к Рутрекеру Pas de redémarrage

Не знаешь как зайти на Рутрекер? Установи и пользуйся!

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Google Translate Anywhere Pas de redémarrage

Dictionary (Google Translate) Anywhere provides access to a floating multilingual Google Translate panel on any webpage.

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Stop Tube HTML5 Pas de redémarrage

Stops autoplay of YouTube HTML5 videos (WebM). It is Flash-Block equivalent for HTML5 videos.

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Smart HTTPS (Encrypt Your Communications) Pas de redémarrage

Automatically changes HTTP addresses to the secure HTTPS, and if loading encounters error, reverts it back to HTTP.

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TubeCast Pas de redémarrage

For those that have smart TV's and use the great TubeCast application available on Windows 10.

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Show Profile

Display profile hint on window title or customized locations (with or without individual icon).

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Agar.io Powerups Pas de redémarrage

This extension will help You get 1st place on Leaderboard in Agar.io!

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Random Agent Spoofer Pas de redémarrage

Rotates complete browser profiles ( from real browsers / devices ) at a user defined time interval. It includes many extra privacy enhancing options

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Youtube Downloader (Mp3|Mp4) Pas de redémarrage

Youtube Downloader (Mp3|Mp4) - Multifunctional youtube converter and dovnloader will help you to download video and audio files from youtube in high quality, affordable MP3, MP4 and many other formats for conversion.

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