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Complete Themes par Mozilla

Complete Themes transform the look of your browser with styles for the window frame, address bar, buttons, tabs, and menus. New featured complete themes are picked by a community board every quarter!

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Web Developer's Toolbox par Mozilla

Speed up the development process by using add-ons to troubleshoot, edit, and debug web projects without ever clicking away from Firefox.

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optimized firefox par Davy Jones

A collection of carefully chosen eclectic addons which extends the power and functionality of Firefox. Subscribe to my collection so as to keep abreast with the development of new and better addons.

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Get smart on privacy par Mozilla

How do you protect and manage your privacy online? The add-ons in this collection are designed to help give you more control of your personal information.

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Lifehacker's Must-Have Extensions par Lifehacker.Addons

Ten broadly useful extensions, as detailed at:

(There are technically 10, but Gears can't be installed from Mozilla's site)

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Power User Pack par IDenis

Collection of Add-ons for power user, sys admin, developer, surfer etc.
Most powerful add-ons which would change interface to better and tidy, add some cool functionality. No funky sh*t!

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个人向收藏 par 文科


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A List of Stable, Non-Conficting and Essential addons par ChessWriter

A List of Stable addons which ussually play well with Firefox and its other addons.

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Windows 7 Theme for Firefox 3.5 par EnkeiChrome

Seamlessly Perfect Windows 7 Theme for Firefox 3.5

- Google Tweaked
- Time Conserving add-ons (skip screen, showcase, smarterfox)
- Stylish Add-on with Styles list!

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Family Organizer par Mozilla

Create a safe and fun online experience while planning everything the family does offline with add-ons that keep the family cooking.

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Love & pet puppies par Amohora

Tutto ciò che è amore e tenerezza, coccole e cuccioli.

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Foxy Firefox par mjkelly

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MaDonnas Winter par MaDonna

winter themes

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Firefox 4.0b 最佳扩展收集 par jojo115

火狐 4.0 测试版已经放出进行测试,但是现在能用的扩展却不多,为方便收集可用扩张,并持续更新,安装前请阅读留言。

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Heavy User Add-ons Pack v1.8 par intoxikator

A quality-focused pack of the best, most productive + efficient addons for heavy FF users, hand-selected.
I remove/re-add, lower/increase my ratings of addons as they change with each iteration

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Multimedia Pack par Lifehacker.Addons

Handles your pictures, music, videos, and other media better than the defaults.

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Chrome's Best Features par Lifehacker.Addons

Add-ons that add Chrome functionality to Firefox.
Based on:

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Expert Privacy and Security par Tag Wolf

I'm a security researcher and work in IS. Use these addons, a trusted VPN (Torguard), and a good AV/HIDS (eSET) for everyday internet security. Fight back against ads and privacy violators.

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My Colors par Jim

Colors depending on my mood.

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carnival par mjkelly

Personalize seu navegador Firefox para o Carnaval!
[Collection icon designed by Freepik]

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