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Doesn't work. Turned all my videos black instead. I can't find anything that actually works.

I am sorry that it does not work for you. You can open an issue at github ("Support site") or send me an email if you want and I will try to help you debug this problem.

Some information that would be useful are the version of the addon, os and firefox you are using and if you have flash installed and/or enabled.

You could also try the new beta version 3.1.0 beta 3 ( and see if it works with that.

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perfect to pc low very very low

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I had some problems with this. It worked sometimes ... and sometimes didn't. Good idea, though.

Could you be more specific about the things that don't work as expected?
I also just uploaded a new beta version that fixes some long-standing problems, see here for details:

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It's working.

Wonderful! Buh-Bye slow and crashy FlashPlayer. Noté 5 sur 5 étoiles

Since Macromedia convinced coders that Flash was the future, I have hated it. It's slow, crashy, and just plain annoying. This add-on is fixing my internet experience. I only wish it worked on everything flash!

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Don't know enough to configure and maintain an alternate OS, and will not spend more money on Microsoft product.

The lack of support for XP is understandable in context but disappointing.

It's good to be one day closer to death.

I can understand your anger, but this is a firefox problem. Firefox does not support H264 under windows xp, because the H264 codec is only built into windows since vista.

Although this might seem as a strange advice, you could try chrome which seems to support h264 under xp as yet.

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Very good add-on , integrates well with YouTube and is light on resources, but icon's missing from add-ons manager(at least for me) and needs volume control. Thank you.

Edit: Glad to hear about the icon and yes that's what I mean by volume control, I think it would be useful especially with headphones. Again, thank you for all your efforts.

Yup, the icon went missing when I switched to the new packaging tool with the last update. Should be back with the next release [1].
I am not sure what you mean by volume control? Do you mean forcing other levels than 100%?


severe jitter on fullscreen view. Noté 1 sur 5 étoiles

severe video jitter on fullscreen view. No better than default youtube player.

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There seems to be a misunderstanding here. My addon forces (i. a.) the use of YouTube's own HTML5 player for people which normally get the Flash-based player. It does not include it's own player.

It is hard to say from here where your playback problems might come from, but old Firefox versions, disabled hardware acceleration or broken graphics drivers often cause problems with video playback.

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Sometimes it even allows to save videos in resolutions not allowed by flash addons. F.e.

To save any video:

click the small icon in the address bar, just before http://

click "More information"

click "Media" tab

you will see a long list of files but only one says "video" in the "type" column; click on that one;

click "Save As" then change the extension to .avi;

Thanks for the GNU licence!

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Thanks for your review!

Another great tool for downloading videos from youtube is youtube-dl ( It also supports downloading videos that use MSE, which you cannot save using the browser directly.

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Unfortunately, it's only working function is HTML YouTube player (who would have thought, yeah?), but function "auto pause" does not, also "Disable Flash on YouTube" has wrong name , it should include "only" like "Disable Flash on youtube only". Also there is no "disable annotations" function.
I look forward for fixing those tree mistakes, thanks for reading.

UPD1: Got your answer. Well, I did mean that disabling Flash can cause it's disable also on other websites, not only YouTube. This option disables Flash ONLY on YouTube, right? So call it so please, if I'm right.
Nope, restarting the browser didn't help, unfortunately, still using YouTube CC addon.

UPD2: Now it works properly, thanks for your time and efforts. 5 stars to Griffindoor!

Starting videos paused can sometimes be a bit buggy, but generally it works fine for me and most users that I talked with. However sometimes you have to restart your browser after you enable this option (or any other option, see the description). I will see if I can find a workaround for this in the next version.
I am not sure what other meaning "Disable Flash on youtube" may have, so I thought this was unambiguous until now. What did you think it meant?
An option for disabling the annotations will be added in the next update ( If you have a youtube account, you can also disable annotations in your personal settings.

I would recommend you contact me via email for further discussion, because the review system here is very limited.

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good it fix my error script stopped responding for you tube :)

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Really nice - works perfect and saves a lot of time

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Nice Add-On. This is Add-on not plugin id***s Noté 5 sur 5 étoiles

Nice Add-On.
@DarylWise1 this is Add-On!! Plugin is Flash Player, Quick Time plugin, Real Player... Plugin is installed from installer from QuickTime, RealPlayer and other software. This is difference noobs.

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When I watch videos on YT, I like the video to automatically play at the highest resolution available (except 4K and beyond because I don't have 4K capable hardware) and the theater mode to be enable. I have been using a plugin for a few years now (which will go unnamed because the developer doesn't listen to customer feedback/bug reports) which did do that up until the beginning of the year. Now that plugin fights with HTML5 and when you try to enable the feature to have videos auto play in theater mode, the video gets all messed up and it does not save your configuration of having theater mode enabled at all times. But thankfully, this plugin not only puts videos in 1080p (when available) automatically, but the theater mode actually works!! When I close my browser, re-open and go to a YT video, theater mode is already enabled!! Yes!!! I highly recommend this plugin!

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There is no way of disabling these annoying annotations!

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There will be an option to hide all annotations in the next version 3.1.0:
Unfortunately I cannot tell you an ETA yet, but it shouldn't take too long.

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Volume control nonexistent, 'clipping' of loud signals in many videos makes speakers pop and click at high frequencies. Same problem with other players after upgrading to this version of FF. Nothing to do with either computer audio or amp settings -happens at any device or amp volume. Clipping could be caused in other previous players when slider manually set too high. Now it is an annoying and dangerous default for speakers. If slider is disabled, please at least have default set to 75%, not full blast.
Firefox ver=38.2.1, player ver=3.0.0, OS=Solaris11.2, o/p.device=OSSv4AudioMixer, o/p.hardware=RealtekALC885codec, cable=S/PDIF, amp=integraDTR20.2, spkr=psbImagine.

'Fix ...bug...' button has no effect on the slider or volume, whether checked/activated or not. That is something I saw and tried before; still has no effect now.
Edit (2015-09-29): Slider widget always becomes visible on hovering and can be visually manipulated, even visually muted, as expected. But that still has absolutely no influence on the 100% volume level of youtube transmissions, regardless what position it is visually set to.

I agree there is a disconnect between the slider widget and what the addon is doing, and regardless of the setting of the 'Fix...bug...' button. But that's part of the problem, as there is no option or way to reduce the destructive 100% volume setting to something less.

Cette critique concerne une version précédente du module (3.0.0). 

Please apologize my late reply.

You are right, if "Fix volume bug on YouTube" is activated in the addon settings, the addon sets the volume to 100% at the start of the video. However if this option is not activated (which should be the default after installing the addon), the volume of the video as set by youtube is not changed in any way.
Have you disabled this option?

Edit (2015-09-28): So you mean the volume slider is not displayed at all for you? It appears for me if I hover the speaker icon ( I have no idea what could be causing this, as my addon doesn't fiddle with the slider at all.

Edit (2015-10-08): Hm, this sounds like a bug in the youtube player or in firefox. I can send you a test version of my addon that sets the volume to say 50%, but I am not sure that this will solve the problem. Just write me an email to if you want to test it anyway.

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Seems that there is an issue

Even if I set my default resolution, size and method, the Addon never loads it, even on videos that allow the resolution

Is there a way to clear up the setting. FYI I tried uninstalling but didnt work

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You can reset the settings in about:config, they use the prefix "extensions.jid1-qj0w91o64N7Eeg@jetpack". However at least the player size should work regardless of the loading method you choose. Does the small button of the addon appear in the top right corner of the youtube site? Which firefox version do you use?

You can contact me via email if you want.

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Awesome! Literally the only addon out of hundreds that will properly resize the youtube player. Thanks!

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I give 5 stars to this awesome plugin, but there's some problems right now we can't disable annotations on videos anymore if this extension is installed, we can't disable the annotations even in our youtube settings, the annotations are back when we save, every single time, quite annoying.

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Yes, this is known problem, I will add an option to completely hide all annotations in the next version!

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Best AddOn for youtube.
You can force 720p even though Youtube would like you to use 320p.
You can buffer the full Videos even though Youtube tries to prevent this.
You can force theater mode even though Youtube tries to force you to the 320p player.

Two little problems with "Force HTML5 Test" though:
- The new option activates Youtube Annotations. You can't turn those annotations off in your profile and you can't hide those annotations via this addon.
- Disabling SPF dosn't seem to work whit the new option.

Cette critique concerne une version précédente du module (3.0.0). 

I will probably add a new option to hide annotations completely in the next version. I haven't seen the SPF problem yet, but I will try to reproduce it, thanks!