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Don't even waste your bandwidth

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No sign of the addon appeared in the browser after installation and restart except for the listing in about:addons. It should probably be marked as incompatible with the latest version of Firefox.

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I've tried everything I can think of to invoke this addon... Not happening... even with ZenMate changing my IP to the UK. Oh well, I'm no Anglophile. I was only looking for another source for motorsports.

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No sirve desde sudamerica

no UK in USA Noté 1 sur 5 étoiles

Does NOT WORK. Firefox bogs down badly.

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Well done!It's smooth and fine.

Not what it sugest it does. Noté 1 sur 5 étoiles

I came across this add on after seraching for IP changers. So some how the meta tags must have got corrupted or something as this is no IP changer. In fact I cannot see what it does Because if one lived in the UK one can actually visit the website of the TV station and watch what is available. Now removed.

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This only works if you live in the UK if you do not then its not worth downloading on a side note very nice job to the write who made this add-on easy to use and easy on the eyes.

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Yes, the service is restricted to UK IPs, but you can technically get around that by using a proxy/VPN (There are plenty of free VPNs around too)

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This thing is bloody amazing!!!
OK so I had to sign up to yet ANOTHER website but that's my fault for signing up to so many it grieves me nowadays heh.
This addon is more than an addon, almost a program in itself! A couple of clicks and I am watching ANY UK Free-view channel I want, some in great looking quality, some not so great but ALL perfectly watchable and that is all that matters.
Great stuff thank you :)

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