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I use it with DownThemAll and it works great

Fills in where RealPlayer Downloader fails Noté 5 sur 5 étoiles

I decided to try Video DownloadHelper when RealPlayer was not giving me a download option on a particular website. After playing around with the settings a little bit, I was able to download all the videos into the folder I wanted with hot-keys, lickety-split. Highly recommend. Thank you Video DownloadHelper team!

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its help me a lot thx

Used to work fine Noté 3 sur 5 étoiles

This add-on used to work great but now most of the videos from YouTube won't download, especially VEVO channel, and also it does not work with We donate to the developers because we want stable and trustworthy software not semi-finished one. That's why I have switched to houlo video downloader.

Video DownloadHelper was OK but not any more! (Plus a temp fix for the download pause problem) Noté 1 sur 5 étoiles


Video DownloadHelper used to be one of my indispensable add-ons but not anymore! And the reason appears to be fundamentally Firefox's fault.

1. Firefox 29 and 30 issues with Video DownloadHelper version 4.9.22 (current)

I've wasted hours trying to resolve why I CANNOT PAUSE a Video DownloadHelper download with Firefox versions 29 and 30. Moreover, no one seems to have a satisfactory solution. (It's only one of many new problems with these recent versions of Firefox.)

Furthermore, with recent Firefox versions—certainly vers 29 and 30—I've found that I cannot revert to any earlier version Video DownloadHelper, as simply none of them will work with these latest versions of Firefox.

2. The Problem Resides Fundamentally with Mozilla and Firefox!

The reason why Video DownloadHelper (and or why download pause fails) seems much more related to FireFox bugs (and of Mozilla's ineptitude) than any related to Video DownloadHelper. (As I point out below, Video DownloadHelper v 4.9.22 works with earlier Firefox versions.)

It's the usual and very longstanding Mozilla problem: whenever one upgrades Firefox one's guaranteed to break many of one's add-ons! This Mozilla shambles has been perpetrated on users since Firefox's earliest days. Mozilla's lack of inter-version compatibility has become truly a fundamental issue for Firefox, and it's made worse by the incessant, and unnecessary upgrades—it seems that every minor bug fix comes with a new full-version number (and one has to be a developer to figure out the unfathomable changes/change-logs from version to version).

(If Microsoft was ever to do this, then there would be uproar and hell to play, but somehow Mozilla has conned everyone into believing that it's a completely acceptable practice to break add-ons with every Firefox upgrade. This, simply, is an outrageous practice. [I often wonder why developers ever bother to develop add-ons in such a hostile development climate]).

4. No Video DownloadHelper Fix/Update

Worse still, Video DownloadHelper has been stuck on version 4.9.22 for ages without a fix (probably because its developers are perplexed about how to unravel Mozilla's spaghetti code).

As said, there's no satisfactory solution for this problem on the net (and I'm not alone in experiencing it--check for yourself). Moreover, the only response from Mozilla to others who've complained about the download/pause problem is that it's the fault of the add-on's developer.

In Video DownloadHelper's case this is utter rubbish, it's just Mozilla trying to deflect problems with product development (again, see below).


Firefox's ability to break extensions is now so bad that I'm looking around for other substitute browsers. Anyone or group who's prepared to fork this project away from Mozilla and fix it properly would be doing the world a very great favor.

(BTW, please don't tell me to checkout Pale Moon's fork; this solution solves nothing re Mozilla's ability to break add-ons/extensions. This fork only adds additional complexities of its own as well as creating additional incompatibilities which the author never properly documents.)

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If one reverts to Firefox version 25.0.1 thens the problem goes away, Video DownloadHelper actually works again!

(And also one doesn't need the 'Classic Theme Restorer' add-on to fix Mozilla's newly-created Toolbar layout problem—where the increased spacing between icons significantly reduces the number of possible icons on the toolbar. A huge victory for fashion/style over function! Heaven help us poor hapless users.)

This, again, is proof that Firefox development is out of control and not in the best interest of users. The question is why!

Users, you should all make this widely known. It's another reason we need an independent fork of Firefox where the users are fully informed about what is going on.

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Great application.
Nothing more to say.. Great..
and the price is perfect

Best Ever From begining Noté 5 sur 5 étoiles

I want to congratulate developers, this is the best thing which I always use, nothing else impressed me so far.

Funktioniert so wie er es soll Noté 4 sur 5 étoiles

Soweit keine Ad/- Malware mitinstalliert. Also alles Ok! Videos kann ich teilweise in 720p / 1080p herunter laden. Da es nicht immer geht, denke ich mal das es teilweise von Youtube geblockt ist und nicht am DownloadHelper liegt.

Und wenn ich lese, das Leute sich aufregen weil sie keine MP3 herunterladen koennen, kann ich nur den Kopf schuetteln. Macht euch mehr mit euren PCs vertraut, dann findet ihr auch eine Loesung fuer Probleme. Dieses Jammern auf hohen Niveau ist nur ein Zeugnis von Inkompetenz bzw. Faulheit.

Um *.flv Dateien in ein anderes Format zu wandeln ladet euch einfach XMediaRecode herunter. Das Programm kann so ziemlich alles an Mediafiles in ein anderes Format umwandeln.

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Its the best app ever!!!

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Works well for me can't be without downloader Noté 5 sur 5 étoiles

I haven't had any problems with downloader except for a few occasions with Youtube but it seemed to be the fault of the UR otherwise I find it great.

Why I cant download from yahoo screen? Noté 4 sur 5 étoiles

Why I cant download from yahoo screen?

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I couldn't use FF efficiently without this, it makes downloading multiple files so easy, and fast. One of the addons I always install, in FF or SM. 10/10

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Best Video Downloader,

smart naming problem Noté 2 sur 5 étoiles

file name would be truncated if length of page title is too long

What Happen to 720p, 1080p downloads?? Noté 2 sur 5 étoiles

Not sure why it was removed but now we can no longer download higher than 480p??

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Love this add-on!! I use it for my business and training videos. I can download a 2 hour training video, and then watch it on VLC Video Player at an accelerated speed.
I can cut my time almost in half!

Verybad "DownloadHelper" since the update Firefox on Mac 10.9 Noté 1 sur 5 étoiles

Before, everything worked very well and the quality of the recordings were perfected. At present, impossibility to record other than .flv conversion and you resultis very bad.
Other modules of conversion seem not to be able to be selected on MAC, probably because APPLE is just right, proposes to uninstall Java.
For my part, DOWNLOADHELPER is at present inexplotable in quality results on Firefox MAC 10.9.
It's a pity, because it was good . At present my opinion it is that it is worth nothing!

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This app is awesome! I can download my favorite tv series and other videos i love fast and easy! Two thumbs up!

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Best FF-add on ever concerning internet vids. Thank you to the designing team.

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