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Ben Clive

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Pourquoi le module Stream Browser a-t-il été créé ?

I made this add-on as a personal tool to help me watch League of Legends streams. I had quite a lot of interest so I decided to continue my work and extend the addon for all streamers and games. I hope you enjoy it and please don't hesitate to leave a review or request features.

While I am happy to continue developing this addon, I would really appreciate a beer donation in response to my hard work! Thanks!

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I'm currently accepting any feedback or ideas for features. I've implemented all requests so far!

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Information développeur
Nom Ben Clive
Pays UK
Profession Student
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Utilisateur depuis July 14, 2013
Nombre de modules développés 1 module
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Qui est Ben Clive ?

I am a student from Southampton University studying Computer Science. I am an add-on developer because I am interesting in programming, and I saw a idea for an add-on that needed developing.