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Годный плагин-транслейт

Very bad and annoying add-on Noté 1 sur 5 étoiles

What a stupid idea to make translator that opens Google translator page for the selected texts in a new window or translates within the visited page (then the visited page is gone and you see Google translator page). It has just 2 options (windowed mode or not). Extremely annoying and bad add-on.

ONE star for one of the baddest translators in the Firefox world!

I am trying to find usefull translators (with hoover effect) but I get always the baddest.

How about you learn how to read the description before downloading. The functionality is very clearly written there.

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Doesn't work at all at the moment. I used to use it some time back and it worked great but at the moment - nada. I'll try it again in a few months. Marking as 2 (would have been 5 if it worked like it was before).

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good addon. But don't need translate in new tab/windows/same, i need translate in popup near selected text. Going to look for something better.
P.S. and does not translate https pages

Does not work for what I need it to do. Noté 1 sur 5 étoiles

Does not translate Twitter page.

Wäre sicher schön... Noté 1 sur 5 étoiles

...wenns funktioneiren würde!
Habe das Addon installiert, aber es gibt keine Möglichkeit, es zu nutzen!

Worthless Noté 1 sur 5 étoiles

If I wanted to go to google translate myself...I would just go to the webpage and copy/paste the text I wanted to translate. My android phone pops up a message asking "translate to english" when on a page with mostly another language. BOOM, works great! The page is the same and the text is translated. I DON'T WANT A TEXT FILE OPENED WITH TRANSLATED TEXT, I WANT THE ACTUAL WEBPAGE TRANSLATED!!


I wish I could easily detect the language of the current webpage, but unfortunately the Google Translate API is very closed off and costs money.

I'm not sure why you think that you can't translate the entire webpage, as that is one of the main features of the addon. It's right in the context menu: "Translate This! - Page". It won't get easier than that.

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Just as bad as all the other translate add-ons for Firefox. You may as well use a bookmarklet for all the functionality you get, which boils down to "send this url to Google translate"

You can also select text to directly translate it. Try doing that with a bookmarklet.

great programm. Noté 1 sur 5 étoiles

completely worthless. button is greyed out.

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Works great with latest Firefox 32.0, on Win7 64 bit.
For those who complain that it doesn't: it will not work if "Never remember history" is selected in Options -> Privacy tab: this is because Firefox will run in private browsing mode!

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Works, period. Only thing I find missing is setting the target language for translations.

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thanks for making this, recently moved from chrome to firefox and i missed this feature..

Works fine here (w8.1 and ff31) Noté 5 sur 5 étoiles

Have not tried it in private mode, so don't know if what the fellow said below is true for everyone or not. Works well in regular mode, which is what I use so am happy.

Works... with one caveat Noté 4 sur 5 étoiles

Simple and clean. Since the user can decide when to translate the whole page or just a passage, it gives one more liberty than what Google Chrome's internal translation service provides.

However, the add-on DISAPPEARS COMPLETELY when in Private Browsing Mode. There is no button on the toolbar; hotkey doesn't work.

If this can be fixed, I will no doubt give it a five-star rating.

Addons cannot access private browsing mode because, well, it's private. I haven't enabled Translate This! to work in private browsing mode because I feel like it might violate people's expectation of what private browsing is (because it gives Google access to what URL you are visiting when you trigger it).

I will revisit this.

I USE IT EVERYDAY Noté 5 sur 5 étoiles

I cannot do without this addon. I do not have to copy and paste in google to translate a section. It is best if you do not want to translate whole web page.

I use it daily because it makes my reading smooth. Thanks and keep it up!

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Add an icon in the Firefox 29 menu please.

Not working with Firefox 28 on Windows 8.1 Noté 1 sur 5 étoiles

Just downloaded this to use for the "Translate this Link" option alone so that I don't have to open every incomprehensible link before translating to English.

Unfortunately however, it wouldn't even provide the "Translate this link" (or "Translate this selection") option to the right click menu unlike the screenshots provided. Couldn't even spot the options in either Menu Editor or Tab Mix Plus lists so it's definitely not disabled from my side!

I also couldn't find any options to enable the right click context menus in case they are disabled by default, but the only options available were that of a keyboard shortcut, the preferred language and whether to open the translated page in a separate tab or the same one.

Tried with Mandarin, Cantonese, Arabic, French - same old same old. :-(

The addon hasn't been updated in over a year, but seeing as the dev has recently replied back to a review just last month, I find the Fx 28 incompatibility(?) a tad weird as the addon is seemingly still in development. Or am I doing something wrong? Or is it actually clashing with some other addon that I have? Dunno.

I'm loathe to 1 star reviews, but as long as Bradley doesn't address and rectify whatever issues there might be, my hands are tied. I do apologize. If this works as advertized, it looks as though from the screenshots provided, that it would be a five stars worthy addon.

I'll definitely change my rating accordingly as and when applicable.

EDIT: - @ Bradley Rosenfeld - Thanks for the reply. Will pretend not to have noticed the caustic sarcasm. Will go over to Github to do the needful. Maybe a full list of enabled addons will help in case of compatibility issues.

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I appreciate your 7 paragraph bug report. Just so you are aware, July 24th was not over a year ago. I myself am currently using this addon in Firefox 28 with no issues, as you provided no other information I'm not quite sure how to help you.

If you could provide additional information via the Github issues page (, that would be great.

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Doesn't work at all! Thumbs down for it.

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I'd appreciate feedback

How does it not work? Feel free to submit a bug report on the Github repo.

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I like very much this addon and I am using it everyday, Because When I want to translate one word or a paragraph from a website, I can "right click" the word I want, and I select "Translate This! - selection". Immediately it takes me to Google translate. Very convenient to me! Thank you. I highly recommend this one :-)

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Useful tool, but...
1. The add-on bar icon always re-adds itself and re-activates the add-on bar. This is intrusive and unnecessary.
2. The icon does not work when added to a toolbar folder in the Firefox menu via Personal Menu.

Unfortunately, for these reasons, I will be uninstalling. If they were to be fixed, this would be an excellent add-on.

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