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Bradley Rosenfeld

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Pourquoi le module Translate This! a-t-il été créé ?

Throughout my travels across the internet I have come across many interesting websites that are in a different language. Having to copy the URL of the page and go to Google Translate was a little too complicated.

After messing around with the Addon SDK I decided that I should try to make the process of translating a web page easier. This addon is the result.

Prochaine étape pour Translate This!

I would love to automatically fill out the language settings by the locale of the version of Firefox you are using, that is a feature that is still in development. Another feature that is in development is an improved settings panel. Currently accessing the settings is not as user friendly as it could be.

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Nom Bradley Rosenfeld
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Profession Information Security Analyst
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Qui est Bradley Rosenfeld ?

I'm a computer scientist who believes that pixels are people too.