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Wastes space and I can't get rid of it!
After installing it saw how much room it took up - too much. Knew it wouldn't serve much purpose (I can't download everything), so removed it completely. When computer restarted, it was still there, and as it is now. Keeps telling me it'll be removed once I restart my computer...
What do I do? - it's very annoying now, taking up at least half the page, all the time!!! HELP

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Well now...

Wastes space? It's 256KB. That's nothing. Seriously. If you think 256KBs is a ton, then you need to upgrade your Hard Drive to something bigger than 12MB. It's not a large file size, it's fairly small compared to other popular extensions.

As for uninstalling: You have a problem with your profile and locked files. There's an FAQ entry on the website about it. Here's a link:

And "After installing it saw how much room it took up - too much", even though it barely adds anything, I guess you are an extreme minimalist, eh? :P