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Couldn't contact you by email (undeliverable), but I'd like to report a very minor issue.

Just a very minor issue, but I noticed that if you have both Mouse Gestures Suite 2.3.1 & Addon Bar restored enabled, sometimes when you right click the addon bar the context menu fails to activate.

Probably has something to do with Mouse Gestures suite using the right mouse button to trigger gestures.

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1 problem. Right click menu on individual bookmarks come up unaccessible. If I want to open in a new window, I have to open in a tab (my mouse has an extra button) then drag and drop. Also deleting any means opening the library :(

EDIT: I rebooted my computer and functionality restored. :)

I definetely like having my bookmarks at the bottom of the screen as the top of the window is cluttered with everything else.

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You should definitely add the option to hide the 'x' on the left. Apart from that, a great extension.

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how do i even use this thing????

Fixes Questionable Decision by Mozilla Noté 5 sur 5 étoiles

I think Mozilla made the wrong decision to get rid of the Add-on Bar and alienated many valuable users in the process.

Fortunately, extensions like this one came along and put back what Mozilla took out.

This extension does one thing, and does it well: bringing back the Addon bar that Mozilla removed.

I must ask the rhetorical question: If a small extension like this can bring back that functionality without problems, was it really necessary for Mozilla to remove it?

Clearly, having this functionality makes many people happy.

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Excellent add-on.
This add-on means reviving those other Add-ons to live back onto Firefox. On a dedicated Add-ons toolbar. It brings back the Firefox that I know before with many useful Add-ons installed.
Thanks so much to dev for this one.

Stable version for FF38+ is '3.2.1-signed' version Noté 5 sur 5 étoiles

I found that the "add-on alpha version 3.3a+" doesn't work anymore with FF 38+ (using Kernel Linux 3.4.64-pclos1 x86_64 )

STILL; the " Latest signed Version '3.2.1-signed' " works very well

Thanks a lot for this wonderful add-on.

I wish this comment to be helpful for others users.

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Прекрасное возвращение старой и очень полезной функции.

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It instantly restored my lost Addon bar!

Improvement proposal - Bar height configurable -- Very nice Addon, thanks! Noté 4 sur 5 étoiles

Hi! Thanks for nice addon! The addon bar is A MUST if you have many addons installed.

Thou, I notice a small problem. Some few addons have a kind of icons which does not resize, once pasted into the addon-bar.
Interesting to remark that these icons will be resized once at the address-bar or tabs-bar. The same icons will not be re-sized at the Favorites-bar (same behaviour as the addon-bar).

For example, you can try the addon "Disable Plugin & Mimetype Enumeration 1.1.4.". It shows this problem.

Maybe you can give the user a way to control this behavior, or set the desired height, getting all icons resiezed accordingly.

Many thanks again!

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Why in the world did FF get rid of the add-on bar in the first place?! I am so tired of this crap! Because of the latest FF "update", I couldn't use ReminderFox or ForecastFox at the same time, the one was blocking the other for space. Now my ReminderFox is back on the add-on bar where it belongs and now I can actually see my ForecastFox at the top where it also belongs! THANK YOU!!

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A good place for NoScript addon

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works totally fine! the bar is super tiny and so it's impossible to see what you actually have put on there, but it does work. i just wish you could adjust size of it, or that it could replace the bookmarks bar (and be directly underneath the URL bar)

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i do not know mozilla remove it, were end repenting

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Good add-on but i can't use it anymore...i don't know if its a certain version of ff or what...i left click to add the toolbar and its not in the list :(

Very convenient for my addons!! Noté 5 sur 5 étoiles

Excellent Addon!!
Because I have a lot of addons, It gave me an extra Bar space, just below, at the bottom of my browser. I dragged down and placed many of my addons there. It has made room for the Address/Navigation bar and has freed some space above.
Thank you very much for this addon.
Very convenient!! :-)

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I like this it works great; you have to go into FF customize and drag down all your addon icons down to the new 'fat' bottom bar. I request that the bottom bar be much thinner (slimmer.) please thank you.

It's getting 4 stars until it makes the bar thinner as I highly value my screen space for reading.

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Sometimes my addons on The Addon Bar move around on their own. Also now I cant put a space between two of them. Emailed the developer a couple times but got n reply.

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Useful with NoScript