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This is not a review. Do not attempt to adjust your monitor.

I suggest another method be provided ASAP for users to communicate w/ the dev & vice versa, separate from *reviews.* For one, if users need to ask follow up questions / give replies to devs, the review system requires users to create a new review each time.

They can't just enter follow up comments / questions. One important issue with the current Textarea Cache user - dev contact process is, creating subsequent reviews *only for back & forth dialogue* will skew the addon rating. It's also hard for other users to follow the conversations & benefit from the dialogue.

Some AMO extension devs use one continuous Mozillazine forum thread for their support "forum." It's not the best, for searching the forum for topics, but it's better than using the review area.

AMO admin points out the review system was *never intended* for conversations between users & devs or for support:

"Reviews weren't designed to be for conversation. Developers should provide *contact information* so you can discuss any issues with the add-on. Reviews should be limited to rate how the add-on works and we only provide developer replies so they can tell users where to get additional help or continue the discussion."
- jorge-villalobos AMO Administrator


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Reply to Hemiola SUN's (dev) reply to Joebt:
Thanks. I think adding an option to "clear cache I close Fx" is in order. But you could poll users on it. If it's something a fair number of users want, at least sometimes, probably shouldn't make them alter about:config.

For one, avg users may not be comfortable making about:config changes; don't know how, afraid of the unknown, etc. 2) settings that "are out of sight, are out of mind." It's hard to remember changed settings that don't appear in apps' UI.

If for any extension, users are expected to modify about:config, the info for specific changes should be widely, prominently available: FAQs, User Guide, etc.

I also notice if you UNcheck option, "Keep data in the cache when I start Fx...", then ONE of the 2 sub-options under it remains checked & "active." If that main option is disabled, shouldn't its sub-options be disabled? Or do those sub-options actually remain active when "Keep data in the cache when I start Fx..." is UNchecked?

I highly suggest adding menu options under "Keep old data in the cache for": 15 min, 30 min, 1 hr. Users don't necessarily want options now available under "clear cache I close Fx." If not, then during same session - under "Keep old data in the cache for", they likely may not want / need to keep cache an entire day. One reason - it's hard to determine when the "Day" will expire at "One Day."

"Clear Cache Now" option on main menu is almost a necessity. It would improve useability tremendously.

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Thank you for the suggestions. I will redesign the option window when I have time.

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Been using TAC for couple months. So far, so good. No real complaints. I've had to copy text from TAC a couple times & it worked.

1) At 1st, some may miss that when the UI holding * actual * saved text is opened, there's a drop button on the header. By default, it shows the date & name of most recent site where text was saved; the drop button in that box will show all saved "text sessions" that can be selected (that part's good).

2) What I don't understand is why there's no option for time to save cached text, like:
"keep until I [b]CLOSE[/b] Firefox," or
"keep for 'X' hours".
Currently, the 1st option requires keeping stored cache after Fx closes: "Keep old data in the cache when I start Firefox Next Time,"
then... choose secondary option - either:
"then remove them 5 min later.
"then remove when I close Fx again."

2-a) I guess this is for times Fx crashes / locks up & text cache can be saved at least until it's restarted?
Drawback is, that DOES save text after you close Fx - if that's a privacy concern. Some don't want to keep the cache after they close Fx.

2-b) I suggest adding options: "Delete cache when I close Fx."
and, "Delete cache after X hours" (either several time options or enter a value).
Not everyone needs it to save cached data for a full day, either.

3) If it's going to save the cache until Fx is restarted, there should be a menu option added (right from main Addon / Navigation bar icon) - to "Clear the cache NOW." So, if something private was typed / saved, and you're closing Fx normally, you don't have to go several layers in, to clear the cache - if needs clearing immediately.

I'm aware that we don't usually ask questions / get support on the MAO site, but there's no OTHER form of contact. Except to report bugs.

4) When new version changes are made, could you add a tiny bit of explanation.
What exactly does " * Remove status icon" mean? Which "status" - the pop up status bar?

I wasn't aware of a status icon. If "display status bar icon when texts are saved..." is checked, it displays an addon bar icon. It will also allow putting an icon on navigation bar (bar usually at top, R).
You're not talking about the addon bar?

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Thank you for your suggestion.

1. status button (old name) = addon bar icon (new name)
2. Several years ago, I got reports that user may click the close button of Firefox window without caution. that's why Textarea Cache needs to keep saved texts even Firefox is closed. If you want to clear tha cache everytime you close Firefox, you can go to "about:config" and set "extensions.tacache.restartClearInMin" to "0"