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This is not a review. Do not attempt to adjust your monitor.

I suggest another method be provided ASAP for users to communicate w/ the dev & vice versa, separate from *reviews.* For one, if users need to ask follow up questions / give replies to devs, the review system requires users to create a new review each time.

They can't just enter follow up comments / questions. One important issue with the current Textarea Cache user - dev contact process is, creating subsequent reviews *only for back & forth dialogue* will skew the addon rating. It's also hard for other users to follow the conversations & benefit from the dialogue.

Some AMO extension devs use one continuous Mozillazine forum thread for their support "forum." It's not the best, for searching the forum for topics, but it's better than using the review area.

AMO admin points out the review system was *never intended* for conversations between users & devs or for support:

"Reviews weren't designed to be for conversation. Developers should provide *contact information* so you can discuss any issues with the add-on. Reviews should be limited to rate how the add-on works and we only provide developer replies so they can tell users where to get additional help or continue the discussion."
- jorge-villalobos AMO Administrator


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