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This thing is spectacular! HOWEVER I'm a big time Firefox addon developer so am always using the Scratchpad, this thing makes scratchpad practically unusuable after you type enough into it. Seriuous serious perfromance lag I can't even move cursor. Now I know my computer isn't great so I had restarted browser, and then restarted computer then still couldn't find problem. I fianlly narrowed it down to TACache, as soon as disabled it I could type in scratchpad smoothly again. Before couldn't even move the text cursor without my computer going into overdrive. If you can fix this perfect 5 stars man.

Edit: March 25 2014, in reply to dev reply: Much thanks for follow up. I downloaded the new version as I saw it was updated and am testing. Will get back to you with report.

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Thank you for your report. Could you please give me the detail for reproduction of the bug step by step? Thank you again.