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Macht genau das , was es soll.
Url 's in Texten ganz einfach per Rechtsklick in einem neuen Tab oder Fenster oder auch diirekt öffnen.

Possible imrpovement Noté 4 sur 5 étoiles

A very good addon and it works very well; I would like to suggest another feature. Sometimes you find a plain text email address in an email in thunderbird and it would be fantastic if clicking on a plain text email address, the addon would open a new email window; so clicking on a link, it would work both for web urls and email ones.

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I now keep ALL my bookmarks for ALL my devices in a text file in my dropbox directory.
I can open it in dropbox or on an iPad and Bob's your uncle.
It's very nice to add text comments to URLs, and not have to deal with google drive etc.
I recommend this cool add-on.
Well done!

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Greaaat addon for transforming text. Highly recommendable

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Does what it says. Rather big (file size). Other similar addons have done it smaller (e.g. Linkification and Linkificator).

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this is great for browsers in pc good job
Any chanse this add on would be compatible for install for ff or aurora in android? this would be excellent > would greatly appreciate an update..good job

Quite intelligent in transforming "plain text" to clickable links Noté 5 sur 5 étoiles

I use this add-on for years and really like it because of it's intelligent way to transform "plain text" to clickable links: It ships with a long list of patterns (e.g. also recognizing URLs with missing letter like ttp://example.com) for several common Internet protocols. If required, I can adapt that list to my needs. It also supports the usual shortcuts like CTRL+Click for URLs in texts.

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Реально облегчает жизнь.

This Could Save You Years of Frustration and Pain Noté 5 sur 5 étoiles

An essential little helper. Maybe there are better ones of the kind, but this one is still a perfectly great one. I just double click anything domain-like and it opens without copying and pasting anything.

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One of the most useful essentials!

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Nice addon. It works on links that userscript linkify ting doesn't work on.

One thing though, could you make URL's hyperlinks clickable? It would make my other addons work better with this.

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Работает на совесть, использую постоянно.

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it could underline the url text, otherwise its not clear that its clickable. Thank you.

Cyrillic links Noté 4 sur 5 étoiles

First of all, thanks for your add-on. It helps a lot, while there are lots of mofos that are too lazy to click a button on a forum to create a proper link. There's only one problem I found so far with your add-on:Please realise support of cyrillic links. I pretty often find text links to Russian Wikipedia, which are partly cyrillic and am always redirected to the main Wikipedia page (keep in mind that there are many different cyrillic encodings, like cp1251 and koi8-r for Russian; utf-8 isn't yet used very often. There's also koi8-u for Ukrainian and, I belive, some other encodings for Bulgarian, Serbian and so on)

EDIT: oh, seems like I already wrote about that 2-5 years ago. Seems like I need to find another way to reach the author ;)

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Works perfectly, saves me time. Thanks for the great addon.

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good ex

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Полезная штука! Использую уже давно и часто.

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This add-on eats time. I wondered what, all of a sudden, caused FireFox to take *forever* to paste any copied (non-URL) text into a text field. The 'searching for URL' clock sometimes freezes, not allowing an immediate paste.

Anything that takes that many clock cycles to fetch a non-existent URL has to be kicked to the curb, sorry!

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Very useful addon. It is now easy to manage links in pages. I like the way if function. I prefer this plugin over linkification. Text link does not slows down the browsing experience when there are bunch of URLs in the page, unlike linkification it converts all those links and it takes a long time for Firefox to respond. I'm glad I was looking for an alternative and found Text Link. Works great on Firefox 18 and hopefully this will updated continuously to be compatible with future versions of FF.

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doesn't install on th17 :( Noté 3 sur 5 étoiles

Looks wonderful, sure hope you can update it for the latest version. Thanks!

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