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This is the one add-on I always install. My regret is not writing a review for so long.

This is an extraordinarily useful add-on. It's simple, does what it sets out to do and claims, works reliably.
The hotkey used is perfectly mapped, definitely for me, I suspect probably for most.

The ability to remap the key would be nice addition, but I am happy with this the way it is.

My only fear is that it hasn't been updated since 2014 (and it didn't need to). But I fear if the developer has abandoned it and it will never see multi-process support (or marked as compatible, so I don't have to force enable multi-process architecture.

Thank you, firesofmay!

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Hotkey isn't remappable even with Keyconfig.

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Simple and effective Add-on. I could not work without it to quickly switch between tabs. Thanks!

Mac Users - Noté 3 sur 5 étoiles

This is a great addon when you spend most of your time in Firefox.

The only issue is that hen using a MAC, Option+Q is very close to Command+Q which kills Firefox (Quit).

Would be great to be able to select the key combination. For example, I'd love to to use Option+tab

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This is a no-brainer add-on that has been missing for years. So far so good --- thanks for making it happen!

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