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Well, thanks. I'll check it.

►Instead of what I have said:
Hovering unloaded tabs, can you reduce the height of the thumbnail to show only the tab title and URL? Because there is no content to show on an unloaded tab.

Another thing... if you know how to "Crop at center" the url in Firefox urlbar, the same way you did in this addon. Or at least a tooltip showing the beginning and the end of the url. That because those are the more important parts of a url for watch.
VERY THANKS for your time.

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I don't find such behavior useful.
Also I don't know simple way to do this without modification of original extension.

Anyway, here is example for userChrome.css ( http://kb.mozillazine.org/index.php?title=UserChrome.css ) with any extension, which allows to execute custom JavaScript code on window opening:
But this implementation is a bit buggy (and only hides preview from Tab Scope's popup.

P.S. Sorry for late reply, I was busy.

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Thank you very much. I created the suggested variable in about:config and it helped to install it.
I have a minor request (not urgent): if eventually you add something to this addon - change, please <em:minVersion>17.0</em:minVersion> to <em:minVersion>14.0</em:minVersion> because I'm not an advanced user and dont't know where to find rdf, or if it's possible, tell me where can I find it and I'll change it.
Thank you.

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I have updated compatibility information: still <em:minVersion>17.0</em:minVersion> inside extension, but should be successfully installed, if browser can ask addons.mozilla.org about compatibility (and updates).

And I have updated source code, so newer version will be compatible without active internet connection:

About install.rdf: you can download *.xpi file and unpack it using any archiver with ZIP support:
(then modify and pack it back into ZIP)
Not needed now, just to let you know. :)