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Very beautiful looking design. Like it a lot. However it's not looking transparent for me in FF 27.0.1 like it does in your screenshots.

You needed a more creative and descriptive name. I don't like the name so much.

I especially like how you detect taht if i drag the text into an existing box on the page i dont want any action to happen. Or if i drag the url to another tab etc. Very nice work there.

Is this a firefox only extension? That would be cool, I'm not a google chrome fan. :P If its only for firefox let me know I have some great ideas for this, simple ideas.

Cette critique concerne une version précédente du module (0.11.1-signed.1-signed). 

Hi Noitidart,
Thanks for the feedback!

Currently I didn't do anything about the opacity, it looks transparent is because dialog looks transparent on OSX. However, you can customize it via CSS (maybe stylish is needed, via: ) And SuperDrag would support themes in the future.

The name, I just make it similiar with my another extension SuperStart :) And English is not my native language...

I can't promise that there won't be a Chrome version, but currently I even haven't began to study how to develop Chrome extensions and I'm not a Chrome user so far.

And I appreciate your favorite for Fx since I also like it (I began to use Fx since ten years ago and never changed). You can contact me via, thank you in advance!

BTW, I get email notification, which contains the original version of this comment. Why there is an option to open links in the current tab is because many web pages open links in a new tab (target="_blank"), especially in my country. And yes, I can't make the icons changed by detecting the link attribute, but the problem is, if the icons are not fixed, it will take user to 'think' before they drop, which is inconvenient IMHO :)

Thank you.