Unpaid coders outdo Mozilla, again Noté 1 sur 5 étoiles

Nice to have an improved speed dial, especially the make-home-page option!
There's room for improvement tho, like thumbnail of last page visited in any particular site, and here's my Big Idea:
fill all unused panes with most recently visited sites.
Presently, FF makes one choose between speed dial [even your improved version] and start with-last-page option.
Be sweet if you made *both* possible!
Another problem- your change # of panes [from default 3 x 3 to, say, 4 x 4] either doesn't work or needs *some* explanation.

L: I'm having tech problems with this review [submitting it]. 4, not 1, stars should appear. And i wanted to add that while you can change sites, the images of old sites persist [so i have a pane with the image of one site that connects to another!]. Probably just [another] conflict with another extension.

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