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hello, congrats for this interesting extension. There is probably a good potential as a "learning" tool (initiate to crypto as a hide and seek game)and why not as a serious way to protect one's messages from eavesdropping. Note that it could be more useful if ported to Thunderbird (to send directly encrypted messages in attached images). After a few successful tests it seems to me there is no control over messages exceeding 255 chars. I got an error pointing to Script : chrome://simplesteganography/content/simpleSteganography.js:199.

Cette critique est pour une version précédente du module (0.1.1). 

Thanks, will be fixed in next version

Hello, thanks for your useful review! Presumably, the limitation to 255 chars per image will be fixed in version 0.1.4 - it will be possible to hide far more chars, with better error handling.After the release of 0.1.4, maybe I will port it for thunderbird.