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Alejandro Brizuela

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Pourquoi le module Show me the passsword! a-t-il été créé ?

I was tired to re-write all the password when I thought I wrote my password wrongly.
I don't like the others addons that do the same: they are too complex or they are not so pretty (at least for me).
So, I decided to make this addon simple and pretty (at least for me :P).

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Not so much, I want to keep it simple.

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Information développeur
Nom Alejandro Brizuela
Pays Rosario, Santa Fe, Argentina
Profession Software Tester
Utilisateur depuis March 28, 2008
Nombre de modules développés 13 modules
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Qui est Alejandro Brizuela ?

I'm a Firefox fan trying to develop add-ons.
As I have no great developing skills, I try to do simple things but useful.
Nowadays I'm a software tester (I have my past as functional analyst)

Information développeur
Nom Rémi Cazalet
Utilisateur depuis February 26, 2014
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