Shops Away Mile Finder

Politique de confidentialité


The Shops Away Mile Finder Toolbar (the “toolbar”) is owned and managed by Core8 Limited (“we” or “us”), the providers of the Shops Away website and services.

You do not have to be a Virgin Atlantic Flying Club member to download the toolbar however you do have to be a Virgin Atlantic Flying Club member to be able to earn the miles amounts promoted via the toolbar’s mile reminders. View the Shops Away privacy policy for full details.

The toolbar is free to download and gives you easy access to your Shops Away account. You’ll also receive automatic mile reminders when you are on the webpage of a participating retailer.

The toolbar identifies the addresses (the Uniform Resource Locators (URLs), of the individual websites you visit in order to check whether the visited site is a Shops Away retailer, and (if so) whether it offers Shops Away miles. However, we DO NOT store any of this information about you or your browsing history.

We take your privacy seriously and are committed to protecting it. The toolbar DOES NOT collect personally identifiable information and DOES NOT monitor your personal use of the toolbar for any other purposes other than to temporarily identify your visited site and to allocate any miles earned back to your Shops Away account. The toolbar DOES NOT expose you to any advertisements other than the mile reminder relevant to the retailer you are visiting.

The toolbar uses cookies to enable Shops Away with opt-in permission from retail partners and members in order to track a Virgin Atlantic Flying Club member's purchase and offer miles on said purchase. Cookies are small amounts of information that are stored on your computer that allow us to monitor website traffic.

The toolbar is easy to uninstall using the standard deactivation and uninstall features available in your chosen web browser.

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