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Good, but would be nice if there could be two entries for selected text at end of URL and a context menu shortcut (right click) option to activate add on.

The URL you put into the Choice 1 should appear in the Right Click Context Menu if that is what you mean. Also, You can delete everything in the Choice3 box and just use the Choice 2 box as your second URL with the selection at the end. For example, Choice 1 could be and English to French translation URL and Choice 2 a French to English one.

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Really great, very convenient.

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Just what I was looking for, thanks. Would be even better with more options for multiple different urls

For multiple URLs you could try combining this addon with one of my other addons which have similar URL editing options like:

At some point I would like to make an addon with 10 URLs perhaps, but I am not able to so for the foreseeable future as I am extremely busy.

A good start, but very limited versatility. Noté 3 sur 5 étoiles

I was curious if this could be a replacement for Advanced URL Builder, which doesn't seem to be actively developed in recent years. Unfortunately, being limited to only two URLs (changing them seems to require a restart) diminishes the versatility, and the results were always opened in panels, whether the option was checked in preferences or not. Still, this could be a useful complement to Advanced URL Builder, if there are just a couple of sites that you would like to open in a panel instead of a tab. Also, the keyboard shortcuts are nice.

After checking or unchecking I am afraid you have to disable and re-enable the addon to make it switch between opening in a panel or new tab.