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The ability to auto-remove text from the search bar only is worth it, while the screen real estate it saves is really useful. Suggestions: 1) An optional "X" overlay to empty the contents of the search bar (if one has not opted for the automatic clearing) 2) Right-click on the search bar to go to the options. 3) Make the searchbar resizable by drag-and-drop (e.g., the minimum if the option is set to make it enlarge with typing, or as the fixed size if one has opted for the fixed option)

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Thank you for the suggestions and the donation is highly appreciated.

For 1 I believe it is out of the scope of this addon and is best handled by a separate addon. If you have a reason why it should be in this addon feel free to open an enhancement request.

I have created tickets on our issue tracker for 2 and 3. I am not sure about 2 and I would have to look how to implement it but I really like 3 and will implement that when I get a moment. The links for 2 and 3 respectively are