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Hello Oleksandr,

it's me again, one year later. I still use this fine piece of software every single day a huge couple of times and maybe you allow me to ask you two things:

1. Whats this "Use zoom" for? I don't understand this option in any way. Could you please explain this?

2. There would be another KILLER feature of your software: The ability to replace the context menu screengrab submenu by an entry just giving a predifined action like you have done this with the button in the add-on bar. This would save me a lot of time, avoid mistakes and make it even more loveable, maybe for many people.

Thanks in advance and good luck with any further development and your personal life of course.

Best regards

Cette critique concerne une version précédente du module (0.97.23c.1-signed). 

1. capture screen with or without zoom page (contrl + "+") or (contrl + "-")

2. thanks! I'll think about it

Getting better and better... Noté 5 sur 5 étoiles

Hello Oleksandr,

today I have installed Screengrab for a friend and so I have discovered your brand new version making things nearly perfect. The properties box is a good thing where everything has it‘s place, the one click feature is just wonderful!

Thanks so much!

Two things to mention (this had to come):

1. There is still THE perfect place where status information should be shown - in the status bar that some people are still using and always will use („status-4-evar“ knows why it‘s called as so) as all popping information is disturbing. PLEASE add the ability to select status bar as the place where the information about a successful saving is shown. Ideally it could be configured if the info shall stay as long as the page is reloaded or left. I don‘t know how difficult this is to implement - but it would be a great thing. Most useful and least disturbing.

2. Screengrab can not save very long pages. Why? Is there something like a 15-bit-pixel-boundary or such a thing? Do you see ways to circumvent this problem by creating multiple numbered files for example? Could you display an error message if a page cannot be saved by this reason before fixing the problem?

Thanks again.

To the others: Please support this extension by donating.


Cette critique concerne une version précédente du module (0.97.3c-2.1-signed). 

1. ok. this in next version
2. this limited buffer in firefox.. I'll think about how to make multiple numbered files...

Better but still not fixed completely Noté 5 sur 5 étoiles

Hello Alexander,

for having done great work in the past and partly having removed the nag thing I have decided to pay for your work as much as I can in the moment, 12 dollars. Hopefully others will do likewise.

Screengrab is amazing - even after beeing "destroyed".

Maybe you cannot imagine that there are people outside who archive EVERY page they visit. I use screengrab a hundred times a day - even the not so annoying nag bar does make me some kind of crazy. I have spent a lot of time changing my firefox into a thing that does not kill my nerves. This starts with a friendly and professionally looking UI (Aero Improved) and goes to activating the status bar again with „Status-4-Evar“. Nothing canmake me more furious than things changing what is viewn in a disturbing manner. Status changes (maybe being of interest or not) do not have to pop into my eye. They can be displayed in an EVER existing status bar being ignorable under normal instances. After having seen the popping status bar „invention“ copied from idiotic Google Chrome, I had trouble keeping containment.

And now you did the same. Everytime I use Screengrab my WHOLE drawing area gets moved without any deeper reason - I could explode, even if leaving a page after archiving it normally.

Please use your time for doing really USEFUL things to Screengrab. First of all please give us the little knob to decide ourselfes, if we want to be informed. If you think that it is important to be able to be informed, do it in a not disturbing way using the status bar. Everyone can decide if it will popop or will stay there permanently using „Status-4-evar“.

Since years Screengrab has problems if pages are long. Do you see an ability to make Screengrab grab every page, maybe with more than one output file?

Doing theese two things would make Screengrab the most useful extension ever again.

Other great and professional extensions:

DownloadHelper, Exit Button Firefox, History Deleter, Personal Menu, Save Image In Folder

Thanks for doing such a good job.

P.S.: A fixed path for downloading - thus avoiding „Save as“-box - and a one click predefined (whole page for example) invokation would also be fine.

Cette critique concerne une version précédente du module (0.96.10c.1-signed). 

wait for a new version :)

Screengrab fixed and destroyed at once Noté 5 sur 5 étoiles

Many thanks for fixing the FF18 bug.

Unfortunately for me the most useful extension ever is destroyed by "inventing" a nag screen box after download with no option to disable it. Please fix this, too. I hate every useless click, every useless popping window telling me things I reaaly KNOW. Screengrab NEVER has not saved a file - why should I need such an "information"?

Please, just a little knob to turn this off.

Thanks in advance.

Cette critique concerne une version précédente du module (0.96.9c.1-signed). 

ok. this changes in next version