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This is one of my essential add-ons. Fabulous for research or for documenting whatever your passion is, since the Internet is so ephemeral, and that reference might be gone the next time you need it. I use it for font info, but YMMV. Developer is very responsive to suggestions.

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Many thanks fleisch!! Your input on this addon is very much appreciated!

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Very convenient for the particular use I put it to (adding explanatory text to downloads). I've been looking for this functionality since Plain Text to Link was removed long ago. What would really make this perfect for note-taking/footnoting is if the URL where the text was captured from were included within the text of the note (preferably at the end, after a line space). I'd also like the option to include the date and time stamp there, within the note, rather than in the file name. Thanks for your work!

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The feature requests you made have been implemented in the latest version.
Update to version 1.0.11 or greater, then you will be able to save current page URL into the text file along with date and/or time stamps.