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Is it possible to change the keyboard shortcut within the options of this addon ?

I use this addon only with its keyboard shortcut which is shift+F1 to automatically save selected text.

But I changed the the keyboard shortcut with help of addon "keyconfig" = http://mozilla.dorando.at/ from shift+F1 to Strg+Y:
Because when I save text from many opened tabs one finger presses "Strg" and one finger "dances" A-Y-W (= copy all - save selected text - close tab).

There seems to be a conflict between the addons keyconfig and saveTextToFile:
I still use saveTextToFile Version 1.1.4 because when I upgrade higher than Version 2.0. the keyboard shortcut dissappears form the menu inside addon "keyconfig" (cannot be seen any longer in keyconfig and cannot be changed any longer).

Therefore I stick to Version 1.1.4 because with higher Versions I cannot perform my "finger dance" A-Y-W, I "have to" use the default keyboard shortcut which is shift+F1 and which "forces" me to perform "extra finger work".

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Thanks for the review!
In version 2.6.3 you can configure/change the shortcut :)