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Very simple and very nice addon. Thanks.

Please, check small bugs and improve options.

For sample:

* If page tiitle include special simbols (:\? and etc.) file creating with this option failed.
For fix replace in Chrome.js this row
fileName = fileName + ".txt";
fileName = fileName.replace(/[\/\\|":*?<>]/g,'_') + ".txt";

* User need formatting date/time with leading zero.
Sample for fix: currentHours = (currentHours < 10 ? "0" : "") + currentHours;

* Add icon to notification:
iconURL: Data.get("images/ico.png")

* Replace string "confirmDialog" to "confirmPanel" in ConfirmPanel.html and localization files for correct localization name of this option.

Despite these comments, I'm glad to use this addon.

Big thanks for this addon.

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Thanks toxicdream!

I have implemented 3 out of your 4 suggestions in v2.2
The remaining suggestion will be implemented in next release.

v2.2 is currently being reviewed by AMO and will be available on this site in a few days.
If you cannot wait, you can download it from here: