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It is working but need some work, no dialog box appear, it won't recognize the save path because the folder name is in Chinese, have to use all English, and the date format is not for US user and I can't change it, plus with that 2 slash in front (hate it), no auto generate file name by title or sq# etc..., just no customization, uninstall for now, will check back when they have a newer version, I heard the next version will have the dialog box, look forward to it, thanks for creating this useful app.

Update : Try the 2.1 version that didn't even work, show the dialog box but can't save any file at all, it couldn't save the path (in English), firefox 24

Cette critique concerne une version précédente du module ( 

Dialog box is now implemented in v2.1.7, please re-test:

Need to investigate Chinese folder names.
Date format customization is planned to be implemented in v2.1.8