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Works great! Thanks for this great addon. I do have a feature request, if you are willing...
It would be great to have the option of saving the gpx file to my computer. I don't always have my GPS with me when I am designing a route. Otherwise, perfect!

When the route info appears in the edit box, you can copy it to the clipboard and paste it into a file then save it to your computer. You will have to change the route name from 'route0' yourself, however. I do this on my Linux laptop where the Garmin plugin won't run.

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Have installed Garmin Communicator plugin. Followed instructions. RouteRat recognizes Nuvi 1450, but doesn't write map to gps.

Did it say it was written? Is it in the GPX folder on the device? Did you find it in My Data on the device and import it?
I have a 1450 and it works on that, but if your route has more than 200 points, Garmin won't accept it.