One last hurrah Noté 4 sur 5 étoiles

I'm running FF 64-bit 54.01 because its apparently the last version of FF that supports Liveclick, one of my absolute must-have addons. I started using RBT for its bookmark width control and multi-row features when Place's Full Titles disappeared and Multrow stopped working. Unfortunately the width control feature seems to work on some tabs while others still truncate the titles. If this could be fixed I'd be *very* happy. Many of us have decided to ride the last good versions of FF till their no longer safe to use. Thanks for RBT - its done a great job of replacing several addons that Mozilla has wrecked while trying to destroy itself.

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Does NOT work anymore with new version of FIREFOX !!! Noté 5 sur 5 étoiles

5 Stars, but......

I too have used this add-on for years, and the new version of Firefox does not support it anymore. Some of my other add-ons are not supported by the new version of Firefox either and just DO NOT work.

Firefox is really starting to piss me off. I love the FF browser, but hate how they can change their code SOOOO much as to totally ruin the way these developers code their add-ons. Well, CHROME, here I come!!! :-/ This is total bullsh1t, and I think that I've had enough!!! If FF can't go out of their way to prevent these situations from happening by adding a legacy layer (or, backwards compatibility layer...for example), then they truly don't give a f*** about the hardcore usres, which to me is a bad sign of other disappointments to come.

Can't live without, no-favicon-option doesn't work Noté 4 sur 5 étoiles

This is one of the essential addons I can't live without. It seems I'll stick to FF56 indefinitely, because of other addons as well. And I'm a serious to-be-convert to Chrome if at least 4 of my addons don't see updates to the new addon system.
Roomy has a bug on FF55 with the option to not hide labels of bookmarks with no favicon. It hides all labels no matter the state of the checkbox, and I have few bookmarks with no favicon (e.g. the default one). It seems Roomy cannot determine now if a bookmark has a non-default favicon.

Bookmark toolbar Noté 1 sur 5 étoiles

What the hell!!! Is the Bookmark toolbar gone for ever. I've been working for days to reestablish the toolbar. The only thing I have is a Bookmarks button. Is Firefox playing with our mines?

Very much missed Noté 5 sur 5 étoiles

I hope someone gets something like this working. I used it for years and really liked it.

Forget FF, please make this addon Noté 5 sur 5 étoiles

...available in the Brave browser for the their users leaving FF due to their constant change and disruption of what was once one of the best browsers out there. Now, Brave is fast, secure, and needs addons like this one. Thanks

Another casualty of Web Extensions. Noté 5 sur 5 étoiles

I used this addon for years. A few times I had a small problem with it and the developer fixed it right away. A very nice person indeed. Hope he can get this working in WE better than it does in Chrome. Thanks for the many years of helping to make Firefox the best browser.

thank you Noté 5 sur 5 étoiles

Thank you for this addon. It is (was) sooooo good.

No support for Firefox 57 Noté 1 sur 5 étoiles

Rest in f**king pieces!

Please Update Roomy Bookmarks Toolbar for 57.0a1 version of Firefox Nightly Noté 5 sur 5 étoiles

Please Update Roomy Bookmarks Toolbar add-on for 57.0a1 version of Firefox Nightly.
Thank you in advance!

Works Great, Essential for my Old Eyes, Especially on Small Screens Noté 5 sur 5 étoiles

I am extremely irritated with Firefox heading in the direction of other browsers that believe they have invented the greatest user interface in the world and enforce it upon everyone. WebExtensions needs to OPEN UP to enable user interface modifications such as Roomy Bookmarks Toolbar.

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Please Update for 57 version... Noté 5 sur 5 étoiles


Please convert the Legacy add-on to WebExtensions Noté 4 sur 5 étoiles

I like this add-on please convert this Legacy add-on to Web Extensions. Thank you

Please update to the new add on technology Noté 4 sur 5 étoiles

Otherwhise with november this will sease to work and it is one of my favourite add ons.

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Please update your Legacy addon! Noté 3 sur 5 étoiles

Mr developper, you should update your Legacy addon! Thanks very much ! Read this:

Does exactly as it says. Noté 5 sur 5 étoiles

Does exactly what it says it'll do. Manages bookmarks well, and keeps them comfortably close (or far, depending on your preference).

Excellent add-on, great for saving screen space Noté 4 sur 5 étoiles

One star less just because it still has a mildly annoying notification bug: almost every time I start Firefox (v54 ATM), a notification appears in the lower right corner telling me to turn on the add-on or restart my browser as if I just installed te add-on.

Please fix, otherwise keep up the good work!

Excellent! Noté 5 sur 5 étoiles

Still working fine for me in Firefox 55.0b6 64bit Win 10 Creators.

Stopped bookmarks from working in FF 54. Noté 2 sur 5 étoiles

So I'm afraid it has to go

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Brilliant addon Noté 5 sur 5 étoiles

This addon is the only reason I still use firefox.

Never had a problem with it in all these years using it.