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please add support for archive.is
also, support link is dead

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It saves a bit of time in trying to find cached copies of pages.

But it could save me a lot more time by doing a HEAD request for the cached page at each service, detecting which cache service has a copy (200 vs 404) and displaying a notification next to each service that has a copy.

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Must have add-on

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I was bummed to find a tool I needed was lost and even more so to find their site was gone. This add-on is amazing... I was not only able to look through the site "in the past", but was able to download their app, too. I sifted through every version, snagging them all, while watching the site change, then their final farewell, and poof... gone.

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Good and useful add-on.
By chance I found out [ctrl sh U] runs it. We should better have a menu to make our choice or just disable it. Thanks for working on it ASAP

Oooh - Trust me, you don't know how good this is until you need it. (A+++++ would install again) Noté 5 sur 5 étoiles

I make a conscious effort to be a good netizen and try not to limit my reviews to things that make me incandescent with rage. If you knew the shenanigans endured to log back into my ancient Mozilla account just to review this it would definitely count as an "I registered just to review this". Nuff said - to the review without delay ...

To the developer ... You're so there for me, like a bloke that I've friendzoned. Quietly hanging around till I almost forget you and then ! just when I need you the most you are SO there for me. So far there hasn't been a single "incident" in which you didn't come through for me, and so quick attending your call to action, and with so little fuss. I'd be surprised if I couldn't summon your awesomeness with a whistle before long.

Seriously, I only installed this a couple of days ago, along with 390 other extensions (none of which I am reviewing and, no, I am not a socketty pup of the creator). The amount of stuff that my local council puts on line to say that they have and then within hours remove it is a joke. WAS a joke. Jokes on you corrupt local council. Also jokes on the Telegraph for keeping the same URL but hiding the original page in which an NHS I demo I was involved in was suddenly something that had never happened. I had already screenshot it but this extension makes life so, so much easier for a slacktivist such as myself. I could well donate after I check my Paypal, I do actually mean that.

Once again, awesome.

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i love it! before i lost like 8 page of info and with this i can save myself and others time and money. again- i love it!!

Good at what it does ... Noté 4 sur 5 étoiles

Does what it claims, simply and effectively.

One might wish for:

- more functionality (suggestions: ping, trace, proxy)

- greater ease-of-use (the ability to not have to use the back button if a certain page is not in the archive you have chosen - perhaps a behind-the-scenes check to see if a page is in an archive before going to that archive)

- customizability (perhaps one wants to use an archive that isn't listed?)

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What kind of sorcery is this?

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Does what it say. Good Extension

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Mark it

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Does what I needed it to do. Thanks!

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it`s good thank you :)

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Reviewed for later use

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Let's go dig up some fossils.

Version 2.0.7 Released June 26, 2011, still in sandbox. Why? Noté 4 sur 5 étoiles

Version 2.0.7 Released June 26, 2011, is still in sandbox.
1- Why, please?
2- Which to choose, 2.0.6 or 2.0.7 ? I think this is the first time I observe a 17 months' sandbox closet.
Before installing, I'll rate this add-on with a neutral+1 : 4 stars.

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Works well but I wish there were options to change or disable the keyboard shortcut as it conflicts with other addons.

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Excelente, la verdad es que pasó mis pruebas.

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very very helpfull..

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Very helpful. Could you add a button to recover all at once?