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Re: "Error: $(...).live is not a function"

I believe I have solved it:

1. Unzip the extension {2a43f346-13de-4aad-adeb-00b61e5bcde3}.xpi to a folder

2. find the file "redditreveal.js"

3. Change the following lines (old line is commented)


// $(".button").live("click", function(ev) {
$("body").on("click", ".button", function(ev) {


// $(".author").live("mouseover", function (ev) {
$("body").on("mouseover", ".author", function (ev) {


// }).live("mouseout", function (ev) {
}).on("mouseout", ".author", function (ev) {

4. zip the files *inside the folder* (don't zip the folder itself).

5. rename the zipped file back to the extension name: "{2a43f346-13de-4aad-adeb-00b61e5bcde3}.xpi"

6. Replace the old extension with the fixed version and everything should work