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Firefox has to contact for this to work. Maybe Google gets the URI of the page in some way.

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I've used on but QR code is always under layout of youtube. This makes my QR code reader app in phone unreadable.

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Great add-on!

I especially like that is as lightweight as possible (only 6 kB).

Two things that would make this add-on even better and would make it able to win the final star:
* An entry in the tools menu (I don't like add-ons cluttering my UI with their buttons but obviously this is the only option to access QR Code at this time)
* A possibility to enter arbitrary URLs (instead of just the current URL) and generate a QR code for that.

需要联网才能用 Noté 4 sur 5 étoiles

It doesn't work without network.

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Easy to use and useful. Thanks

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Simple and easy to use. Very helpful

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It is as simple as much, works fast and there is nothing special. Making a selection is enough then click the icon on the toolbar and there it is you have your desired text encoded.

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It is very easy to use this tool. Just make a selection or it'll use the current uri. After clicking the icon placed in the toolbar you have it - your text is coded and you can pass it to who you need to.

Excellent! Simple and to the point. Noté 4 sur 5 étoiles

This would have been a 5-star review if I hadn't come across a tiiiny flaw. It won't work on youtube because youtube has a fixed bar at the top of their page that covers the top part of the QR code. The Author just needs to display the QR code a few centimeters lower, then it'll get 5-stars.
Thanks though for a great simple tool for getting information quickly from PC to phone.

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Simple and useful

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An icon of a QR code appears in the address bar; click it and the QR code is created based on the Url in the address bar.