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This is pretty cool however there is some suggestion i had.Find suggest would be muuuuch more useful for me if the following:

1) when i use find suggest it is usually when i just start typing (To use the quick find) and when there are suggestions to the right i cant tab over it and hit enter to cycle through occourances of that word on the page. Instead i have to go grab my mouse and click on the word multiple times.If i have tabbed over and am hitting enter on something BUT if i continue typing it should continue from where i left off in the quick find area.

2) when i am clicking on a word to cycle through the occourances of it on the page and it comes to the last one, the next click puts this message in the bar "Reached end of page, continued from top" but that message moves the suggestions to a new location and if i want to continue clicking i have to reposition my mouse over this word. Please make that pop up somehow so it doesnt move the suggestions

3) when i just start typing for quick find i sometimes want it to target links only please add some creative way ie maybe lead with ` key or somethingthanks!

4) pressing enter in the text field should cycle through occourances

5) if highlight mode is turned on it should take you to the nearest occourance on screen

6) it should show "x of x_total"

I think my suggestions are for the whole find bar rather then just find suggest.
Find suggest is amazing and has inspired me for the above suggestion! I might just write up the addon myself. :)