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Good UI/UX, very useful.

Thank you very much! Please check out the beta of v3, its at the bottom of the listing page. Here is a link to it -

I would love to hear your thoughts on the beta :)

Simple but useful Noté 5 sur 5 étoiles

Can create and switch between profiles in a way that integrates with Firefox natively. Should be included by default

Thank you! Please try the beta from the "Development Version" at the bottom of the main page. I would love to hear your thoughts on that version! :)

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I'm not sure why the native Firefox UI doesn't expose its profile manager. Profiles are very handy for lots of things. This addon doesn't do everything that Firefox's profile manager does, but it doesn't really need to. It handles switching, creating/deleting, and naming profiles just fine. And it looks good, too.

Thanks! Try out v3 from the development channel it is super nice! :) The dev version is in a tab for now, but I plan to bring it back into the main menu in v3.1. v3 allows you to create desktop shortcuts and badge the profiles. :)

Extremely useful Noté 4 sur 5 étoiles

This is a important complement for Firefox. Is very important manage all profiles and switch it when you want.

Thank you very much for the review Batista! :)

v3 missing from hamburger menu Noté 5 sur 5 étoiles

tried installing via dev channel and on github, no hamburger menu like v1? I don't want to type about:fsadfasdfas every time. I tried in a new blank profile and it still didn't show in the hamburger menu. Thanks

Edit: I was hoping to try a newer version with the delete ability in the hamburger menu, is there a version number you can recommend until you are able to push 3.1 beta? Thanks for your reply. :)

Thanks for trying out the beta! For 3.0 it's just in the tab at about:profilist?html. But in 3.1 I hope to drop it into the XUL main-menu/hamburger-menu. :)

What I do right now is just pin that tab as my first tab, and I can use the shortcut Ctrl + 1 to jump to it, here's a screenshot -

I haven't enabled the keyboard hotkeys in the beta yet, but it's not so bad, I hite Ctrl + 1 then use up and down arrow keys to go through the profiles, and then hit Enter to launch. Will bring that to beta soon.

What's already there though is filtering, you can type to filter the profiles.

I agree though, the place where it belongs is in the main/hamburger menu. I'll get it there soon. :)

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Here is the link to my post on Github . Thanks.

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Uma maravilha de complemento Noté 5 sur 5 étoiles

Muito bom, gosto muito desse complemento, facilita de mais para ter dois Mozilla Firefox, configuro um com complementos e outro sem complemento! Continue com o desenvolvimento, esta de parabéns por essa excelente extensão!
Brasil :D

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Gracias!! :) Es demo o version 2 -

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simple and beautiful and far easier than the default profile manager. This should've been built into Firefox!

I can think of only one improvement: press-n-holding on something isn't a common Firefox UI trigger, so it'd really help new users if there were a tooltip hint when hovering over profile names, say, something like "press and hold to modify".

edit for dev reply: wow, the upcoming v2.0 is even better with exciting improvements!

Thanks for the review Sammy yeah I agree that is very unintuitive. Here's a screencast of version 2:

Are you using Windows? You can beta v2 if you are on Windows. You can check out the progress here: :)

Overall Good Implementation and Design, but with deletion problem & Potention to change Firefox with 'MODE' Noté 3 sur 5 étoiles

From all your add-ons I say this is the best.

It seems to be an add-on worth of 5 stars.
However I would give it a 4 star but will not do so.
This is because:
When installed there is no indication how to delete a profile.
Yes you can make one quite easy, I did for testing purpose.
But when I tried to delete it, then it became complicated in a (re)search.
I ended at the add-on install page (which I thought I left behind for good after the installation).
At the install page I read, more carefully yes, and there it was stated.
'You have to delete the profile name to delete the profile’!
A thought that came to me but I didn't initiated it because it should not be so complicated.

That is why you get 3 STARS ***

Furthermore I would like to give you an idea to work on if you like it. It could be an extension of Profilist. But I prefer it as a separate add-on that work well with Profilist.

I call it MODE. You can call it whatever you like but for the ease of writing let’s stick to it. With mode you can change Firefox into different 'modes'. For example let’s take 'the runner mode'. In this mode you can quickly start the browser with primary add-ons to do you stuff and be on your way. All the other add-ons are of course disabled. MODE goes further than only enabling and disabling add-ons. It reconfigures icons and toolbars just as your liking. Also windows and tabs are reshaped and shown as preferred. Just like your add-on 'WorkspaceHopper'. This is all done with predefined MODE Profiles.
With add-on MODE you can quickly really change into different workspaces with required settings to your liking for that moment for that specific job or project.
Also another benefits is that space is used more optimal. No double add-ons installed in various profiles. It does however require different settings not only for Firefox but also for the add-on. The file sizes on the other hand are smaller and they are easier managed. MODE uses different add-on settings with different modes only when changes are required and with predefined customization rules.
With MODE the large problem of Firefox extensive list of add-on installed is solved. You do not have to enable every add-on anymore with the problem of the overkill of memory and cpu consumption. You do not have to disable the majority of add-ons and forget that they are there. You do not have to enable every single add-on when you need them and disable them again when done.

MODE empowers Firefox as a custom made tool for the Internet & You.

No more a too large Swiss knife in your pocket but an Icon that reshapes to your liking with a push at the button.

Greetings from an enthusiastic Firefox user.
Hereby I give back from what I got from years of good browsing.

The best review I have ever received, I sincerely appreciate your feedback. If you would like to post this on the github issue page it would be easier to discuss there as here i can only give one reply.

I also am working on Profilist v2.0 and am nearing full Windows beta, here is a youtube screencast of v2.0 it fixes the delete issue you mention here:

I like your MODE addon idea very much and feel it would be a great addon. I like to keep addons focused and simple so I'll do this as a seprate addon please. I created the repository and wiki page, if you get a chance can you please fill out the wiki page with all your ideas and hopes for this addon, I can use that as a guide when creating/designing the addon:

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Finally a very easy way to create and use profiles.

Thanks fxUser! :)

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Extremely handy! Great work.

Thank you Aezaxlt!

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its a very good extension , but i would like to hide the + button , also if using custom profile folders somewhere on your disks you need to set them first before installing this extension, moving folders afterwards somehow breaks it and it cant find the profile

Thanks for this review.

About custom folders: If you move it, doesn't the default firefox profile manager not see it as well? But you're right I should prompt at least that a profile was there but could not be found and ask user to tell where it was moved to or if they want to consider it deleted. This will also allow users to drop in a folder on their computer from antoher computer and add to the existing profiles. Good idea you have there. Post up a topic at and we can discuss more, come up with some creative ideas.

About hiding the "Create new profile" button ("+" button) I don't have any stats on that, but maybe we can get it somehow, like set up Profilist with Telemetry and an option to hide it and see how many people use it.

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Thanks fireatttack! :)

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The first question I asked when I started using multiple profiles was, when looking at a FF window how do I know what profile is in use. I am happy that I found profilist at It adds a panel to the new Firefox Panel menu which shows the current profile. When you hover over this name it expands to show all profiles and "Create New Profile". Not only does it provide a clear visual of what profile is in use, but a user can easily create or use an existing profile to test userchrome, addons, or bring up a browser for a specifc purpose. As far as addons go, this is a need not a want.

I agree with the delete/rename feedback. I use the Create option but I manually rename and delete at this time. Maybe:
1) Change "Create New Profile" to: "Manage Profiles"
2) Only show the profiles (like they work now), and add a right-click on Profilist profile panels to Create, Copy, Rename, Delete
3) "Create New Profile" takes the entire row, divide it up: Create | Copy | Rename | Delete
4) Divide each profile row up: Profile_Name | Copy | Rename | Delete

I like #2 if it is possible to contain a context menu to Profilist panel. One, right-click is common UI and feels natural, and two, it takes less space (one less panel row) without giving up anything and it makes these features very clear. Otherwise, #1.

Thank you very much for your feedback. I have a large release for Profilist, I'm shooting for a mid-January release (v1.3). Here are all the issues I'm working on: some of the issues I'm pushing to v1.4

For the delete/rename thing I have created slide out menus that expand to look like this:

What do you think? I would really love to see your feedback in that topic and other issues there :)

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Very slick and easy to use. A very nice update to profile switching. This should be build into FF.

However, the rename and delete behavior is unintuitive. Maybe there could be a profile manager link in the list as well.

Thanks Joe! I definitely agree with you on the rename and delete thing. I'm working on v1.3 right now which changes that.

You can follow along with how its turning out on the github issues tracker. This issue is #21 and an alpha image is there. I'll update with a more recent image today :)

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Excellent addon. Does exactly what it says on the tin, even going so far as to offer to automatically install on new profiles.

Thanks for the review, the autoinstall of Profilist on new profile made my life much easier. Installs while you are offline as well.

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Great add-on. A KICK you in the behind donation has been made:)

Haha kick received

Great look, looking forward to updates Noté 3 sur 5 étoiles

This extension looks great and most importantly handles switching in an intuitive and quick manner. However, I've had to deactivate it until an option to choose the default profile is added. I use Firefox at work and at home, and when I'm home I don't want my work profile to come up automatically every time (as it does now).

I have noted that this feature is in the works. Hope it is a priority! I will definitely increase my rating once this option is added.

So funny I was just working on the menu for setting the default profile :) (see activity from an hour ago haha)

Pleas do share your input in that topic :)

The final result isn't looking exactly like that mock up its looking more like this: (submenu will be vis only on hover, its just in dev mode right now so its vis over all)

Thanks for the review :) It always gets me motivated.

Search is required Noté 4 sur 5 étoiles

Great add-on, it's very useful.
But if I have more than 20 profiles, I can not scroll the list to reach the last ones as they are cropped.
I suggest that you shorten the profiles list and add a search box with autocomplete feature.

How do I reply to the message below?
I obly see the "Report this review" link.

I think. scroll bar and wheel button scrolling are both inconvenient.
Opening a new tab looking similar to about:home page showing a caterorized list of available profiles would be much more convenient than a poping up menu. And a quick search box will be in its place.

I've just noticed an issue:
I can not start a nen copy of FF linked to another profile from the command line: "firefox -p Profile1" - it just re-opens the window with the current profile.

It's hard to reply in these sections. If you can make a topic at we can discuss there in a topic post format. Otherwise you have to just edit and then I have to keep checking here, as i don't get email notification on edits.

That about: tab is a great idea. It's actually really great and i want to land this feature sometime.

To run multiple profiles at one time you have to separate the processes. This is done by adding -no-remote to the command line arguments. So in your example it will be "firefox -p Profile1 -no-remote".
Old Reply from July 24, 2014:
Hey man, what do you think if I alphabetized the profiles and allowed the wheel button to scroll. Adding a search field and scrollbars makes it very ugly and jam packed.

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Great addon, it's like having a brand new Firefox.
Suggestion: Implement a security method to prevent accidental or intentional erasure of profiles.
Greetings from Argentina

Thank you for the review!

Can you explain your idea a bit more at the support site: