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This is great! However I can not use this long term because each time I restart firefox I need to setup the whole thing again.

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PourBico is very easy to use, powerful, and extremely useful for debugging web applications

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This is just AWESOME extension. Ever since I'm using Ubuntu only I have searched for a nice Fiddler replacer. This add-on is just that! Simple, powerful, great!

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This is simply amazing!

It has everything it promises, a very easy to use, intuitive GUI and also some nice extra features, like a deminify button right under the text area, or even a search-and-replace feature when you modify text resources like scripts or style sheets.

The only tiny drawbacks are that the GUI doesn't feel native, and that you still get a warning message when closing a modified file, even though you have already applied it. But these minor issues appear even smaller when you compare it to the whole extension: You can modify, replace or delete loaded resources both easily and comfortably. And it works.

In fact, I feel like I have browsed the whole AMO repository and didn't find one single extension which even promised what this extension features. I challenge anyone to prove me otherwise.

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Great debug tool. I use it to change the code or some files, when I need to refresh the page to test it.

Cette critique concerne une version précédente du module (0.4). 

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If you're a developer or a webdesigner and you do JS and CSS on a regular basis, then STOP! Don't read anymore, just install this and be amazed.

"Hey! I need a quick fix on this JS, or... please fix this CSS on that page."
Sounds familiar? I imagine so. Well, with PourBico, you can do that in a perfectly streamlined environment and come out with a ready to go new JS/CSS file or files. All done in a fraction of time you would need if you use traditional environments.

Have a shot and be amazed.

Cette critique concerne une version précédente du module (0.4).