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I've used this add-on every time I upgraded or purchased a new computer.

Unfortunately, the CSV and XML imports don't work anymore. I even tried editing the CSV import file and added double quotes for each line because that's what was in the export when I opened it with Notepad.

I ended up copying 2 files from the old profile to the new profile: signons.sqlite & key3.db - which was suggested by another reviewer. Worked like a charm.

1. Close Firefox.
2. Find your new profile -mine was in OS (C:) Users>username>AppData>Roaming>Mozilla>Firefox>Profiles>xxx.default
3. I renamed key3.db & signons.sqlite to a different file name.
4. Went to the old machine and copied the 2 original files from that profile into the new machine's profile.
5. Started Firefox.

For more info on your profile:

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